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CRAFTED SERENITY Survival 1.13.2

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avatar VestleOG
Level 21 : Expert Unicorn
CRAFTED SERENITY Survival 1.13.2
Status Online! Pinged: 12/11/18
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
Connect With
SERVER IP: playcs.in
WEBSITE: www.playcsmc.com

Run by Experienced Owners - For All Ages - Small Community Server - Make Friends
Crafted Serenity Survival Server has been running since March 1st, 2016 and have been updating the server ever since! CSMC started as a very small independently owned minecraft server which then turned into a multi-structured team to create a very unique and fun Minecraft Experience unlike any other larger server you have joined. Crafted Serenity makes sure to value all respected players as we know you are the one keeping us going for years to come. CSMC will continue to strive for excellence providing up to date plugins and new releases!

* Server Name: Crafted Serenity

* Server location: New York

* Website: http://playcsmc.com

* IP Address: playcs.in

* Game Play: [Survival]

12 Update Logs

Update #12 : 06/30/2018 10:40:51 amJun 30th

CSMC July Build Competition is...

World Celebrations Theme


Crafted Serenity has decided the theme for this month's Build Competition should be World Celebrations! We believe this is a perfect time for this contest since we are a Canadian Minecraft Server and own a Dedicated Server in the United States! With Canada Day and Independence Day around the corner, we wanted to celebrate everyones World Celebrations and Countries National Holiday's or Landmark's. CSMC hopes to see unique and Country Pride Builds this month as we are providing 64x64 plot sizes! With a total of 400 Donate Points being given away this month to the Top Five (5) Builders At The End Of July!


These rules may change between contests, so please be sure to read them carefully in case they are different from the previous ones! Failure to comply with these rules will result in the disqualification of your submission and/or being banned from the contest entirely.

    1. Your build must be 100% original content that is not an old creation, whether of yours, your teams or someone else's.

    2. Only one plot per player/team of 2.

    3. You must build alone or with 1 partner! You are not allowed teams. Equally, alone means as a singular person and does not include single entities (build groups). You may have one build partner BUT if placed within Top 5, the prize will be split between the users.

    4. During the entry period, entries will be judged by a panel of your Crafted Serenity peers. We'll be assembling a team of individuals to judge; don't worry if there aren't any yet, they will be added soon!


    1. Join playcs.in through the Minecraft Multiplayer Browser.

    2. When in CSMC Lobby, Right Click the Compass and click in the middle on the Crafting Table to join the Build Competitions Server.

    3. When in the Build Server, Type /ps auto to claim your only plot.

    4. Start Building!

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    • Foyebros
    • Level 1
    • New Miner
    • November 29, 2018, 5:29 pm
    This is my favorite server, literaly the best server. Super friendly staff willing to help you out with questions, great people play it. The creater vestle, i praise him for making a great server. No one else can top it.
    • lorzavur
    • Level 1
    • New Miner
    • September 2, 2018, 12:19 pm
    lorzavur liked a faved this

    I dont really saymuch on the server but i really like it ,ive been with it for almost 2 years now and its amazing in could not have asked for better staff and a better experience
    I have played on this server for about 7 or 8 months now, and it's a great server. We have jobs, mythic mobs, silk spawners, which we don't need a silk touch tool to get! However, the spawners in the nether are not mineable. But we have a spawner shop where you can purchase them in game. We have auctions, and a shop plugin where you can set up a chest shop to sell your wares, plus we have an in game shop and sell hand. So money can be easy to make here. Our towns have some real nice builds, and some of them have 50 or more residents! We are a warm and welcoming community, and yes we do have rules, and we enforce them, but it's to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience. Many ask why we do not have a live map or a Dynmap plugin. It is because our map is absolutely gigantic! Like well over 100k by 100k! So a map file of that size would chew up a huge percentage of the server's disk space and make it laggy, and we don't like that here. But there is so much more here than what is listed! So stop by, and check us out. Maybe you will find your "home" server like I did many months ago.
    • VestleOG
    • Level 21
    • Expert Unicorn
    • December 29, 2017, 10:23 am
    Thank you for your feedback! Verification that everything stated above is 100% accurate for CSMC
    Staff heavily moderate chat from their "Pg-13" rated chat rule all the way to G rating that, but any kind of remarks that are sexual in nature, especially towards children, are ignored. Any kind of critic is brushed off as disrespect, which staff have 0 tolerance towards. Players that destroy unclaimed buildings are banned even though there is greif protect and towny. If you like being constantly told what you can't do, an inclusive community, and a player base that constantly welcome you back when you relog. Then this server is for you.
    • VestleOG
    • Level 21
    • Expert Unicorn
    • May 20, 2017, 10:31 am
    We state our rules upon joining. This is a strictly no grief server. We are improving our staff team and removing those who do not understand the role of the position. We hope to maybe see you again in the future when you believe we have a stronger staff team!
    • hdawgboo
    • Level 1
    • New Miner
    • March 1, 2017, 2:26 pm
    is it on ps4?
    • VestleOG
    • Level 21
    • Expert Unicorn
    • March 2, 2017, 8:38 am
    This is PC only sorry
    • VestleOG
    • Level 21
    • Expert Unicorn
    • January 24, 2017, 10:13 am
    haha its all the users videos that i use!
    "hayy, what's up guyzzz.."

    my DOOD, you could not have gotten any more cliché with that video intro
    Great server check it out today
    • VestleOG
    • Level 21
    • Expert Unicorn
    • December 13, 2016, 10:08 am
    Thanks for your comment!

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