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♔Crafthaven Revived♔ - Massive Role-playing PvE and PvP

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avatar bandosian
Level 7 : Apprentice Warrior
♔Crafthaven Revived♔ -  Massive Role-playing PvE and PvP
Status Online! Pinged: 08/18/19
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
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Crafthaven is a server created back in Beta 1.6 in 2011 by a community of close-knit PVP players. Our server balances between near vanilla Minecraft gameplay with Oldschool competitive factions PVP, in contrast to the far too many minigames that plague modern servers.

CraftHaven is a server mainly focused on hardcore PVP and Factions. There is minimal teleporting, chest protection, and a diverse and unique combat system featuring custom items and magic spells. Monsters are extremely difficult, and you are required to have great skill to successfully survive on the server. Everyone fights fair and equally. You are allowed to raid other clans and players, and steal from chests that you manage to find. Crafthaven is mainly focused on clans interactions, so we encourage you to fight for honor and power for your chosen allegiance. We also have a currency system that allows you to trade with players. Crafthaven has a unique combat system of many tiered items, as well as special and powerful items and multiple magic spells to diversify your experience. Choose your destiny, conquer dungeons and bosses for great items,, and dominate the battlefield. We also have very friendly staff, and a great community with players that get along very well.


This server is all about the interaction between clans. We encourage you to wage war upon enemies, ally with your friends, and trade with your neighbors. Create giant fortresses to ward off enemies or establish trade routes to trade with your allies, it's all depends on you. Choose your allegiance or found your own, and fight for honor and glory for your faction!

Combat System

Crafthaven uses an item based system. There are several tiers of weapons and armor, ranging from weak, regular swords to powerful, enchanted weapons, all able to be dropped from mobs. Special items also exist, preforming unique and different PVP utilities. Additionally, people can buy several different magical scrolls that can aid in both combat and noncombat situations. Other features of PVP in Crafthaven include:
  • Vampires
  • Runecraft

Monsters and Dungeons

Mobs in Crafthaven are much more vicious and powerful then mobs in single player, and will be much harder to kill. However, monsters can drop valuable loot, from gold to high-tier weapons. Crafthaven also feature dungeons and bosses, containing powerful and unique monsters that hold legendary loot. There are several dungeons in Crafthaven, as well as the Godlands, the land of the mightiest monsters of Crafthaven.


The rules are not here to prohibit your gameplay or dull your experience. They are here to make this server fair, enticing, and fun to play for everyone.

No griefing (claimed plots and neutral areas)

No intentional defacement of terrain

No use of external mods or hacks

No spamming

No racial slurs, down-putting or excessive swearing

No open advertisement of other servers (Keep it to private messaging)

Do not excessively asking unreasonable questions

No impersonation of staff members

No redstone clocks or excessive farm animals

No spawn killing

No mob farms (Any mobs must be positioned in a way to be able to do damage)
Do not intentionally exploit unintended features

No trailer as of now, would highly appreciate it if someone could create one for us.

After entering the server, you will go through a tutorial that will not only teach you valuable information about the server, but also test your skills. This is to make sure that you are able to do well and survive on the server. Other than passing the tutorial, there is no other requirements to join the server.

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