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CRoD 3.0 New Map 24/7 Dedicated SMP/Creative No Lag!

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avatar SDBabies
Level 36 : Artisan Creeper Hugger

I have full access and run this server... i have permission from the server owner to upload this! Ianm56 (Server owner) gave me info to upload this! i did not steal this server!

What are we?

We are a growing server in minecraft. We are a mix between creative and

survival and have a lot of great members! We usually have around 20 members on

at a time so you never feal alone and can have fun with other people!

How do we run our server?

Servercraft hosts our server so we are dedicated and lagless! We just upgraded from

a tier 5 2gb server to a tier 6 3gb server which is the highest our provider offers! This

will ensure that we can support the amount of players we get with

a lag free experience!

What is our world like?

We recently generated a new world so it is the perfect time to join and shape our

world because everything is new. Rite now you can have heavy influence on the

layout and the overall look of what our world is going to be.

Do we have experience?

Yes, we have been running this server for months now and I have been

running servers in different games before so I know what I am doing. Much of my

admin team has been here since the dawn of the server or has been admin on

other major servers! We know what we are doing and can handle the server to a

professional level!

What about those grievers?

We run multiple pluggins to stop and reverse greifing. We use world

guard to stop the greifing in the first place and big brother to fix any

greifing that happens. Some people may not be familiar with big brother so let

me fill you in. What it does is it gives us access to id all the actions that

happen on a block. Then we can take that information and rollback all that

playero s greifs so everything is back to the way it should be!

Cool so how do I join?

Our ip is play.crod.biz:20067. It is recommended that you sign up

on the crod.biz forums to receive a promotion. You must tell us you have done so

since this is a manual process. If you need to contact me you can do so by any

of the following ways. Email: [email protected]crod.biz, skype:SDBabies or Crod.biz, Website: crod.biz.

Additional Notes

Amazing CRoD 3.0 map 24/7 Dedicated SMP/creative no lag pvp server!nSign up at www.crod.biznPlay.crod.bi:z20067
CreditIanm56 (server owner)

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