Crowns of the Realm

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Crowns of the Realm
Status Online! Pinged: 07/09/20
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
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Crowns of the Realm is a Minecraft roleplay server running on the 1.14.4 version of Minecraft, with an active developer and frequent content updates, along with occasional server-wide events.

On the server, you are a citizen (or perhaps not a citizen!) of a strange, magical city floating above the world. This city is split into three major districts: Northpass, the Hallowed Glade, and the Arcane District.

In it, you can rent a plot of land to build a house, work one of the various jobs in order to earn money, learn how to cast spells and use magic, and explore your own stories with friends and strangers alike.


Server Features

Becoming a Ghost
On Crowns, when you die, you become a spirit! As a ghost, you take on a shimmering, semi-transparent form. You are unable to work a normal job, and must instead earn your wages at the Portal Closing job. However, the afterlife comes with special perks.

As a ghost, you can phase through walls by shift-left-clicking on them. On top of that, you can also slowly glide down from large falls by holding sneak in the air.

In order to bring yourself back into corporeality, you must resurrect at the city's church.

Learning Magic
Within the city is a school of magic, where you can learn multiple different types of spells.

At the school, there are three categories of magic to choose from: Arcane, Commonfolk, and Druidcraft. These categories each have their own positives, and what you pick may very well benefit you more depending on what district you live in.

  • Various "food collections" containing food items with many different useful and cosmetic effects
  • Multiple different skills such as cooking, enchanting, and fishing.
  • Places throughout the city to explore and search through to find hidden secrets and lore
  • A custom bookshelf plugin for storing books in bookshelves, making temporary copies, and more
  • A custom plot plugin to go along with the city's structure and layout, with pre-made block palettes for every district

Discord link:

15 Update Logs

Changelogs :: 4/27/2020 - 5/14/2020 : 05/14/2020 10:00:58 pmMay 14th

The Gem Store is now released!
  • You can now purchase items within the Gem Store (accessible from the Coachman menu) for a premium currency, gems

Added new Gem Store instruments:
  • Bell, Bit, Guitar

Added new Gem Store emotes:
  • /anger, /dance, /sick, /party, /playdead

Added new Gem Store hats:
  • Flower Crown, Dwarven Beard, Cowboy Hat, Devil Horns, Creepy Mask, Monocle, Spectacles, Straw Hat, Sunglasses, Sakura Tiara, Top Hat, Wizard Hat

Added new Gem Store trinkets:
  • Sparklers: heart, diamond, star, geyser, helix

Shop changes:
  • Added new button to Human Wares merchant: Sell all crops (will skip crop amounts that couldn't normally be sold)
  • The Human Wares merchant's crop stock now decreases twice as fast
  • Added new poster to the General Store: Maleric and Goblin (2x2)
  • Added new poster to the General Store: Rat Cave Painting (1x1)

Added new feature: Sanctuary Altars
  • Sanctuary altars will be placed in key locations (the only existing one is currently placed within the church)
  • You can now resurrect via the church's sanctuary altar
  • You can set your respawn point at any sanctuary altar

Added new feature: Blessings
  • You can now invoke blessings from certain gods from any sanctuary altar
  • Different gods will apply different passive effects/buffs
  • Invoking a blessing will make it so resurrecting costs 1 gold coin
  • To start, you can invoke blessings from Krascht, Brile, Rali, Vollie, and Athonn

Added new gizmos:
  • Detonation Stone (Patreon gizmo for BeckTyrion)

NPC changes:
  • Added new NPC: Mysterious Cleric (9 dialogue options)
  • Added new NPC: Head of Festivities (4 dialogue options)
  • Added new NPC: Thomas the Rat (5 dialogue options)
  • Added new NPC: Jeff the Parrot (3 dialogue options)
  • Added new NPC: Off-Duty Coachman (4 dialogue options)
  • Added new NPC: Grenid (8 dialogue options)
  • The Weaponsmith now has dialogue options (3)
  • Added new dialogue option to Elith
  • Added new dialogue option to Albard

Added new fast travel method: Rat Tunnels
  • Thomas the Rat can take you to various locations throughout the city's cave system

Misc. adjustments:
  • Elith's older dialogue is now properly numbered
  • After dismounting an entity, you're now launched upwards (as if you're leaping off of it)
  • The Great Tree is now properly named "Wikipedia" in the Coachman menu
  • Cooking recipes that use bottled items (milk, tomato sauce, chocolate syrup, water bottles) now give bottle(s) back when the recipe is complete (if the recipe item doesn't go into the bottle) (suggested by _Han)
  • The Devil's Slot Machine's jump boost effect now gives Jump Boost 3 (previously 1)
  • Currency conversion descriptions now properly follow price text formatting

  • Athonn & Vollie's blessings now properly mark you as "blessed" for the purpose of resurrecting
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use the Whistle of Taunting

10/19/2019 5:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
This server is amazing, the staff is mature, the jobs are fun, the RP is amazing, and building with pallets is unique and interesting.
10/16/2019 7:24 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Artist
A great server and a wonderful server owner who interacts with the community, great for roleplay and challenges builders to create interesting builds with limited palettes. Roleplay is almost completely community driven too! I'd 100% recommend trying out.
10/16/2019 7:17 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
An amazing server, with an amazing admin. Needs more love.
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