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CubeKrowd [1.20.4-1.21]
Creative, MissileWars, Survival & more
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CubeKrowd Network

CubeKrowd is a energetic Minecraft community with everything from MissileWars to RocketRiders to SkyBlock and Creative.

The server is a combination between JL2579's old fanserver and Cubehamster's old fanserver to form ZipKrowd fanserver that have now merged into one big community server... More players, more friends, and more fun!!

-=- Current servers and games we have! -=-

(To get to them from our lobby, type the server-name /<server>)

Missile Wars

MissileWars is a TNT/TEAM-PVP game created by CubeHamster and SethBling. In this game, you play the role of a missile engineer-pilot: launch, ride, defuse, restart, and destroy missiles to destroy the other team's portal while keeping yours intact! CubeKrowd not only hosted the original MissileWars server while it was in the development/creation stages but also we're the first server ever to host it to the public.

On CubeKrowd, use /mw to visit the MissileWars lobby, from where you can select the MW game format of your choice.

More info about this game can be found on the MissileWars map page here on PMC.

Rocket Riders

Rocket Riders
is a reimagination of SethBling and Cubehamster's Missile Wars, featuring all new missiles, utility items, custom achievements, challenging gamemodes and modifiers, and tons more ways to customize your gameplay!

On CubeKrowd, use /gl to visit the Game Lobby, from where you can select the RR game format of your choice.

More info on the game can be found on the RocketRiders map page here on PMC.


is a Minecraft murder mystery minigame by Bagel Buddies that aims to reimagine the PlayMCM version of Murder Mystery with their own little tweaks to modernize the game and just make things more enjoyable all around.

On CubeKrowd, use /bs1 or /bs2 to join Backstabbed!

More info about this game can be found on the Backstabbed! map page here on PMC.

Crafty Cannoneers

Crafty Cannoneers is a game by Zeronia where 2 teams of Pirates are having a big battle, with their goal being to completely destroy the enemy team's ship as quickly as possible. They can do this by firing off a wide variety of Cannonballs using the Cannons found on their ships.

On CubeKrowd, use /cc1 or /cc2 to join Crafty Cannoneers!

Check out the trailer for more info, or visit the Crafty Cannoneers page here on PMC.

IceRunner is a fast-paced, CTF-styled minigame. Shoot ice trails to get to the flag, punch others off their ice, and capture the floating bases! This is a true example of ZipKrowd putting their style on something, in this case spleef, and turning it into something awesome! CubeKrowd is THE only Official IceRunner host where you can not only have fun with the game but also enjoy the latest updates FIRST.

On CubeKrowd, use /ir to play IceRunner.

More info can be found here: Video


CubeKrowd's SkyBlock server leaves you on a tiny island in the sky with limited resources. Can you survive, or will you thrive? Our skyblock has
unique custom challenges and a massive building area and Greenhouses, race against your friends in completing the challenges and get to the top 10 islands to claim your victory as #1 best scoring island!

On CubeKrowd, use /sb to play Skyblock.

Since the very beginning, one of the cornerstones of CubeKrowd has been the creative plot world. Here, you can show off your skills and passion for Redstone or Creative building! Not too good at that? Learn from others as we transform flat plots into works of art. View showcased plots and learn how they do it with Builders helping you gather new skills with occasional Build Battles. A friendly community is always there to assist you in developing new skills and love for building. We also have a Free Build land where some of the largest builds are located for some of the players. Earn ranks by building and showcasing your works to staff! Creative has multiple tools to help make building easier, such as access to WorldEdit, saving custom inventories in Kits, and more!

On CubeKrowd, use /cr to join the creative server.


Periodic build competitions allow you to compete with the rest of the server in a chosen theme to win amazing prizes such as pets! Here, everyone is playing fairly and no one has an unfair advantage. You are allocated a protected building area and given 48 hours to complete your build. Experienced builders then judge the plots fairly. Winners' plots are showcased in the center of the world!

On CubeKrowd, use /bc to visit the build competition server.


CubeKrowd's survival is a safe haven protected for Members and above to play like they do on Hermitcraft, featuring huge farms and amazing builds all put together by the community for everyone to enjoy! We have no plugins to spoil the real vanilla feeling. Our Survival showcases some of the best skills our community has. We have friendly farms and help to get people started and loads of people who are committed to participating in giant community projects! Get stuck in today.

See our YouTube page for videos of past survival worlds.

On CubeKrowd, use /su or /su2 to visit the survival servers.


One of the first games created on the original JL2579.net server returns! Fishslap is a fun and exciting game where you can slap others off the map with a fish with a few extra tools to further enhance it. This game was hugely popular in the old days and is still a favorite in the present day. All our maps are custom built by our community and the CubeKrowd build team!

On CubeKrowd, use /fs to play fishslap.


You find yourself stuck in a mine on unstoppable minecarts! Jump between carts and activate contraptions in this new lobby minigame to avoid a certain death and discover a mystery at the bottom of the cave! CubeKarts is an all-new original mini-game addition to the CubeKrowd lobby, introduced in the 1.16.2 update! CubeKrowd is THE only Official CubeKart host where you can have fun with the game.

More info can be found here: CubeKart Video

On CubeKrowd, click the navigator (compass) and then the minecart to play CubeKarts.


Around CubeKrowd's lobbies, you can find timed parkour courses with all-time and weekly records. Can you beat the best time?

On CubeKrowd, click the navigator (compass) and then the boots to play parkour.

Droppers and Bouncers

You fall into a deep pit in search of adventure. Can you make it to the bottom in one piece?

On CubeKrowd, click the navigator and then the cobweb to play a dropper, or the slime ball to play a bouncer.


CubeKrowd host several UHC events thought the year with our own custom plugin. Our UHC is open to all players. Postings and sign-up are announced on our Discord.

Seasonal Games

During many of the holidays we have special seasonal lobby and server games. Keep in touch on our Discord for announcements of when these season games come available.

Snowy Skirmish
Snowy Skirmish is a holiday-themed quick and fun snowball fight minigame where players need to collect Giftboxes or knock opponents off the map to gain points for their team. Snowy Skirmish has simple yet engaging gameplay with different ways of collecting points for your team and lots of fun unique powerup items used to harm your enemies or assist your team.

On CubeKrowd, use /ss1 to play Snowy Skirmish.

More info about this game can be found on the Snowy Skirmish map page here on PMC.

-=- Social Media -=-
(Be sure to follow us on social media for news/updates)








Official Blog

For further information about the server, hope on and play @ play.cubekrowd.net


9 Update Logs

1.20.1 is live on Cubekrowd! : by CubeKrowd 07/16/2023 3:27:03 pmJul 16th, 2023

CubeKrowd is now running on Minecraft 1.20.1! Along with loads of new blocks for you to build with, we've also added our jump pad plugin to creative, plus new perks to our Emerald Perks Package including the ability to let players sit on top of you in the lobbies!

You'll also be able to put those new blocks to the test in our official Build Competition coming July 21st! See our Discord for more info.

You can read more about the update in the detailed changelog posted on our blog here: https://cubekrowd.net/blog/changelog-1.20.1/

Community projects posted by members on this server

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05/31/2024 12:12 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BlackBac0n's Avatar
It's a somewhat old server, but it feels just as awesome as it did when I first joined 8 years ago. The people are real and friendly. The minigames are simple and fun. Many servers come and go, but CubeKrowd lives forever!
03/10/2024 11:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Raster's Avatar
Great server with an awesome community! Been playing for over 5 years and can't wait for 5 more!
02/06/2024 8:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Beesnees87's Avatar
My favorite server to play on. I've been playing on this server since 2016 and I still play it often and enjoy building in the creative server. Has a wonderful community and lots of fun minigames so if you see this you should join it!
02/14/2022 3:42 am
Level 20 : Expert Miner
AMysticalMarv's Avatar
I've been playing on this now for a little bit and I like it soo much that I want to keep playing there. The community is just awesome and cozy! Can only recommend it!
08/15/2021 5:04 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Still going strong. with awesome games and a great community!!!
08/03/2021 8:52 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Waffle
TNTFortify's Avatar
Im joining this server first thing tomorrow
07/28/2019 2:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
nundren's Avatar
Server is still great and continues to be great. You will not regret joining this awesome community!
08/12/2016 3:12 am
Level 31 : Artisan Spelunker
LightningZap's Avatar
Best community server there is!
08/02/2016 5:51 pm
Level 28 : Expert Network
pixelstudios's Avatar
*When you realize that you have a higher pmc score than cube krowd*
Uncle Seamus
09/14/2016 6:47 pm
Level 48 : Master Procrastinator
Uncle Seamus's Avatar