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Dreamland: Modded Survival, Disabled PVP, Forge,

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Level 27 : Expert Explorer

Server Info : RID 3573663

Dreamland: Modded Survival, Disabled PVP, Forge,
Status: Offline Pinged: 11/23/17
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7.10
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IP Address: dreamlandserver.ddns.net

Modpack (USE FORGE 1.7.10) https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B5mkJn5pkMoRM1ctSkM4VjdJY0U&export=download

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Other links

website: http://dreamlandforums.boards.net/forum

Discord: https://discord.gg/jkb3tX9

rules: http://dreamlandforums.boards.net/thread/85/dreamland-law

Tired of the same old faction PVP servers?

Then welcome to Dreamland! Dreamland is a modded survival server with an exploration theme. If you're looking for adventures, Dreamland is the server for you. Whether you want to take a trip to the Aether, visit the expanded end, explore the lands of Biomes o' Plenty, create your own worlds with mystcraft, or even sail the seven seas in search of loot, Dreamland has it all! And much more! Our crown jewel is galacticraft and its addons, allowing you to explore the solar system and even go interstellar.

If you ever do get sick of too much exploration, Dreamland does not end there! We offer mods such as (but DEFINITELY not limited to) Computercraft and Mekanism for all the nerds out there, and Witchery for all the hogwarts graduates. You may also try to become the first millionaire on the server and start your own successful business using trade signs.

But that's not where Dreamland ends! Whatever you dream, Dreamland has it.

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Other Features

*PVP can be enabled/disabled, will you fight to the death or cooperate with others?

*Friendly community

*EULA-compliant (no pay2win scheme is tolerated!)

*An economy, you can create your own trade shops!

*Fair rules, who likes control freaks??

*Variety of mods

*World saves to prevent griefing

And much more awaits... Whatever else we have is up for you to discover...

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So what are you still doing reading this post? Come on in!

Update #3 : 03/04/2016 4:29:35 pm3/04/16

Removed Whitelist

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Update #1 : 01/09/2016 10:00:11 pm1/09/16

added more info

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