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EscapeRestart | Creative | SMP | PvP | Lava Survival | Unique Gamemodes
Status Online! Pinged: 08/11/20
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Game VersionMinecraft 1.16
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EscapeRestart | Creative | SMP | PvP | Lava Survival | Unique Gamemodes


EscapeRestart is a premier Minecraft Community dating back to 2009, originally being called TheOnes/Blocktopia. While we have shifted to a general gaming community, we still aim to provide unique premium minecraft game servers that aren't revolved around P2W.

Join us now on our forums, discord, or servers and interact with tons of players from all over the world! Not only do we offer Minecraft services, but we host even gameservers, mafia forum games, and more!






SimpleSMP (Survival)

Welcome to SimpleSMP. This is our brand new SMP server, with a ton of tweaks and QOL additions to make vanilla Minecraft a new experience. If you have been itching for a great survival server, this one is definitely for you. Some features include:
  • Dynmap
  • Custom Recipes
  • Ranking System
  • Player Shops
  • New 1.16.1 Features
  • & much more!

Make sure to come check out the new server for yourself to explore all the wonderful and cool things you can do!

Rituals of Fire (Lava Survival)
Escape the waves of lava and build a beautiful house to protect yourself!Ever played Classic Lava? No? Well come join Rituals of Fire and experience what Lava Survival really means! Earn cookies for surviving the round and use them to rank up or buy other items! Enjoy the many player-made maps by the EscapeRestart Community and feel free to submit one yourself! Come join. Have fun. Survive!

Blocktopia (Creative)
Tired of those Creative servers that require you to vote in order to use WorldEdit and only for an hour?! Then join Blocktopia where WorldEdit is free for everyone! Flex your creative imagination and build to your heart's desire then rank up to enjoy larger plots and more perks. Create. Destroy. Repeat!

Ranks & Basic Benefits


Army of Darkness (Zombie | CTF | Infection | FFA | MOB | TNT)

Four different game modes:

  • Zombie - A remake of the hunter / survival game type which AoD consisted of.
  • CTF - A fast paced capture the flag shooter- use guns and weapons to take out the enemy!
  • Infection - A remake of the Infection server, where one hunter tries to “tag” the humans by touching them.
  • FFA - A free for all short round experience, where players fight it out against each other with balanced kits.
  • Mob - Fight waves of Mobs that spawn and aim to survive as long as possible!
  • TNT - Defend your team's Core and obliterate the opposing team!

Shop System / Ranks / Maps
  • Use Tokens to buy Cosmetic Items.
  • Each GameMode comes with their own Shop System.
  • Gain Experience points to rank up.
  • Original maps from TnT, AoD and infection.

1 Update Logs

New Creative Server - BuildBox Teaser : 05/31/2019 1:32:54 pmMay 31st, 2019

07/19/2020 6:22 pm
Level 24 : Expert Pirate
Old community or not, this server always impresses me upon returning. I play a lot of different servers from different regions, but nothing compares to this servers dedication to it's playerbase. From the welcoming environment to constant new innovative ideas like lobby mini-games or the new gamemodes, which all have been carefully constructed, it's apparent that the owners take every suggestion into consideration and really cares about it's playerbase.

This server truly deserves more praise than I'm giving.
07/13/2019 5:01 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
I first came by this server back in classic MC (2010 or 2011) in which it was called Blocktopia.
I have been playing this server on and off and the community has never changed. It has always been a community, in which you can chat with someone. So if you are tired of all the hyped servers and want to try a server in which you can actually meet new friends and have a nice chat, this is definitely a server for you.

I can personally recommand the creative server, in which we have a nice ranking system, world edit for everyone, and voxel sniper for those who has progressed to the higher ranks. Without this server I would not have the building skills I have today.
06/02/2019 7:06 am
Level 1 : New Network
You can find servers with good games, you can find servers with a good community, very rarely do you find a server with both. This historic server really encapsulates what Minecraft is all about, hailing back to the golden days before huge, soulless networks sealed their grip on the Minecraft world.

If you want a server you can settle down on, make some friends on, play some brilliantly well-made, unique gamemodes and just have a good time, this is where you need to be!
06/01/2019 10:14 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Amazing network, I like the create server. I joined quite a bit ago but I haven't left because it's just a very fun and friendly place. It's got some other servers too, like Rituals of Fire, which is a super unique gamemode that you can't find on any other server. Join and see how you like it :)
05/31/2019 1:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Great server with amazing unique servers and a friendly community.

I've been playing EscapeRestart since early 2013, when it was called Blocktopia - and I've always stuck by it. I mainly play on the creative server, which is a ton of fun and doesn't feature any pay2build features or the likes. The staff are great and listen to suggestions and fix bugs as quickly as possible too, which is always a plus.

Other than that, the lava survival server and army of darkness are great, unique servers that get you super involved into the game, and i always end up spending hours playing.

Definitely check out this server if you are interested in great, unique servers with staff that are super receptive.
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