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Etherion Hearts

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Server Info : RID 2138819

Etherion Hearts
Status: Offline Pinged: 06/12/14
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5.2
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Etherion Hearts, a server that closed in 2011. The reason for this were finincial problems. Now the old staff gathered again to recreate the legend. With new features and old ones.

This server is an RPG server. You have different races and classes you can join. Towns that wage war in a special world. The old etherion map can be explored. Memories can be gained back from the past days, while fighting to survive and gathering important stuff.


On this server there are 4 races. Each race have classes a player can join, together with unique skills.

The Avians, a race that evolved from angels. Their abilities have long surpassed that of the angels. They are known to help others. Several of them does not fear combat. They can become a Cleric or an Archer.

The Fallen, a race that evolved from demons. They are the new generation demons, but didn't want to be compared with Akagi and their past, so they changed their names. They can become a Flamewarrior or a swordsman.

The Dragonians, a race that always had a strong body. Some say that the dragonians are humans with dragonblood. Nobody is sure, but the fact is that their body is durable. They can become a dragonknight or a dragoon.

The Entra is a race that appeared when the magic returned after the first war of the multiverse. The immense magic power they were exposed to allowed them to have a large manapool and higher mana regeneration. They can become a mage or a summoner.


This server has several classes for player to join after their joined their race.
Cleric: High healing magic, only one damage spell.
Archer: Elemental arrows to slow, poison or otherwise harm a person with a bow.
Flamewarrior: A melee class who fights with axes. High burst damage and his ultimate is an AoE stun with high damage.
Swordsman: A melee class who fights with swords. High damage and movement speed.
Dragonknight: A tank class. He can take a lot of hits. Nearly all his skills are passive skills to allow him to survive.
Dragoon: A melee class who fights with shovels (spears). He can jump high and his ultimate allows others around him take the same amount of fall damage he took, or would have taken if he did not use his basic skills.
Mage: A high magic damage class. Very manahungry.
Summoner: Can summon dogs and monsters to kill his targets.


This server has special worlds. The normal world is called Etherion. This is the world where players can claim land for their faction.
The pvp worlds are Etherion (Exploration), where you can find stuff or deeds to gain more plots for your faction or special buildings, and conquest, where you take over buildings with the woolcolor of your faction. Having a successfully captured building results in a weekly income for your faction.
The resource worlds are the place where you can get your resources. These are known as Resource, Nether and the End.
The Showcase world is a place where you can watch the special buildings or dungeons that are being made. You can also buy a special building here.

Earning Money

You can earn money on the most simple way. This is mining and selling. If you are creating a shop, I recommend to make a vault chest first. You do this by placing a sign above the chest with on the first line [vault] written. You can always sell stuff at the spawn.

Other ways to earn money

There are other ways to earn money. The only other way is to create a special building. A special building can be anything from a factory to a hospital, a courthouse to a jail. Just public buildings or tourist shops (and spots). The weekly income will vary. The income can be influenced by the following things:
Reachable (Connected to public roads, not connected or closed off for outsiders)
The reason an income vary each week is because of tourism or visitors.

New players

It can be hard to join a server and trying to figure everything out. For this we let new players spawn in a special place. Here you can get 3 books, one with the server rules, one with explanation of the races and one with explanation of the economy. After getting these books you can enter the only door you can open. The door leads to a room where you can choose your race. You choose your race by walking in a hallway to make sure you get a race. After that hallway you enter a hall with several signs on how you join a class and how to reach the spawn. Since you became a race, you can now use /spawn to go to the real spawn.




Admins (Same powers as owner):


Game Masters:


Additional Notes

Etherion Hearts is back. With the old staff and some new additions, we bring back the old server, updated for the new minecraft version. Join races, a faction and fight and work together to survive.
Credit:SebiO_o, MegaHans, Xenoforce and Flashrazze

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