FruteVille - Survival, Town, Minigames

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FruteVille - Survival, Town, Minigames
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United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft Java
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Welcome to FruteVille!

We're straight forward just another survival server, BUT.. We got some cool features...
On our server you find yourself in spleef, puzzle, parkour, and PVP-tournaments earning in-game balance.

The spawn is a town / plot based area. When you earn cash, you are able to purchase your very own plot in the spawn town.

This means you are able to setup a shop with our ChestShop plugin. Or you can just buy a plot and make something cool!

The server just went live, and we're ready to start an awesome community! We've spent the past 2 weeks preparing the server for people to have fun. We're open for ideas and suggestions for the server. (We'll also need some staff soon).

The spawn-area was mainly built around 2 years ago, but since the 1.13 update arrived, we knew we wanted to get back to minecraft.

Experience the adventure & development of the server with us, join today! :)
If you have any questions about anything, don't be scared to join, a staff-member is online almost 24/7 LUL.

Connect with: (if for some reason does not work, use this IP)

Enjoy your stay!

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