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PixelVault: Creative, Survival, Bukkit, Hardcore

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avatar myjobistotalk
Level 52 : Grandmaster Architect
PixelVault: Creative, Survival, Bukkit, Hardcore
Status Offline Pinged: 11/21/13
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.2.5
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Welcome home!

PixelVault is the premier Minecraft experience. Created by a group of hardcore players with a need for a truly awesome server. Our staff and regular players represent a community filled with scores of 'crafters just itching to punch another tree and lay down another couple thousand blocks.

This is where you come in; check us out today at Play.GamingSteam.net and join a group of players where the fun never stops and you can diggy-diggy hole, build something epic, bling yourself out with diamonds, or search from the Nether to The End for whatever suits your fancy.

(brought to you by the good folks at GamingSteam: Your source for fun.)

Le Rules:

- No Griefing
- No Talking Back to Mods/Admins
- Don't ask to be Ranked Up
- No Spamming
- No Excessive Roleplay (to be determined by the Mods/Admins)
- No Annoyance, Abuse, or Harassment of other players unless given exclusive permission to do so
- No Foul Language (occasionally amusing, too much and you'll get the boot)
- No General Obnoxiousness
- Do NOT ask to be made a Mod/Admin
- Have Fun, Dream Big, Build Bigger

We take our rules very seriously on this server. Should you choose not to follow them, you won't be back on our server again. There is a First and Only Warning policy in effect; should you be given that warning and do not comply immediately to the Mod/Admin in control, you will be banned.

-----All Actions From Mods or Admins Are Generally Final : Extreme Circumstances May Be Reviewed-----

Le Ranks

1) Noob - You have moderately limited capabilities, but can build and spawn blocks needed for building in the Guest Creative World. To be considered for Membership, you must play productively for a minimum of 75 minutes. The construction of a something to sufficiently impress a Mod/Admin to promote you is recommended during this waiting period. After the 75 minutes, you will be eligible for consideration for promotion. (in short, build something pretty, you might get promoted, but DON'T BUG THE MODS/ADMINS)

2) Member - You have all the capabilities necessary to get you off on the right foot. You'll gain build access to our lovely Member's Creative area as well as gain valuable /tp abilities and whatever other cool things we decide to implement.

3) VIP - This rank provides access to extra commands and abilities and is given out at the discretion of the Mods/Admins.

4) Donor - Has all the same commands and abilities as VIP with the addition that, should the server be full, Donors will be granted exclusive access/the ability to kick people out so they can play. To earn this rank you must donate $5 or more to our server's make-it-run fund. It generally serves as a faster way to acquire VIP status and its included perks.

5) Mod - Do not ask for it. Respect the Mods, for they have been placed over you. Let them help you, they generally know what they're doing.

6) Admin - Holy Cow, these guys know what's going on; Hold Sway over the Sun and Moon; Controllers of the Universe; Rule over All Things Server.

Le Other Stuff

We love Minecraft, we figure you probably do too. You should play here if you like Minecraft. We have cake.

Don't forget, promotion occurs at the whim of Mods and Admins; If Thou Asketh, Thou Shalt Not Be Promoted...eth.

Keep foul language to a minimum.

To reiterate, Griefing is tolerated in Survival, should you be found guilty of Creative grief, Bannination will occur with extreme prejudice.

Use Common Sense.

Respect your fellow players.



Additional Notes

Filled with players ranging from total n00bs to experts of legendary skillz, this server represents the unbridled awesomeness of Minecraft!

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 06/03/2012 8:35:38 pmJun 3rd, 2012

As of mere seconds ago, we are on the air again with our loveliest server to date. Hop on! Join the community! We're dying to get back into the swing of things!

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  • GDMC1
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • June 20, 2016, 5:43 am
"pinged two years ago"

Yup, it seems like this is dead...and i wanted to see it...
was this shut down?
  • BannerWolf
  • Level 26
  • Expert Cowboy
  • July 5, 2012, 10:29 am
WHERE is the ART?!?!?!?
  • Fire_Water
  • Level 27
  • Expert Nerd
  • June 3, 2012, 5:19 pm
hey can you teach me how you make your pixel art ? your the best pixel art i seen all of PMC and can you teach me?
I'd recommened taking a look at my blog post on pixel art building. There really isn't a huge amount of advice I can give you other than telling you to find a method you like and just keep working at it. Thanks for the compliments, bud!
  • Scraft
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Miner
  • June 3, 2012, 4:57 pm
I put a diamond on your server, will you do the same for mine?

  • feenster33
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Architect
  • June 3, 2012, 4:46 pm
Well who is that handsome slime in the dress blues?
  • happyme147
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • March 31, 2012, 3:46 pm
I spend my life on this server!
  • jcblue220
  • Level 15
  • Journeyman Ninja
  • March 14, 2012, 2:11 pm
The best server around.
  • MrBattletran
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Miner
  • February 29, 2012, 5:19 pm
An absolutely unparalleled experience...
  • TrentonYo
  • Level 45
  • Master Ninja
  • February 28, 2012, 7:32 pm
Will you be building there? If so, count me in! xD
  • myjobistotalk
  • Level 52
  • Grandmaster Architect
  • February 29, 2012, 4:32 pm
My last few posts have all been from Gaming Steam actually. :D Right now I'm working on a multi-day project that, if I do say so myself, is going to be pretty sweet when it's done.
  • TrentonYo
  • Level 45
  • Master Ninja
  • February 29, 2012, 4:45 pm
Happy face:D

1 - 13 of 13

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