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Ghastly Servers - OP PRISON [No-Lag] [OP!] [OP STARTER KIT] [More servers to come..]

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Level 22 : Expert Network

Server Info : RID 2753825

Ghastly Servers - OP PRISON [No-Lag] [OP!] [OP STARTER KIT] [More servers to come..]
Status: Offline Pinged: 08/01/14
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7.2
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Ghastly Servers 24/7 OP prison, Friendly community and mature staff.

Currently in a slightly heavy BETA stage, Reason being more ranks and blocks are being made and plugin fixes and Donator kits and info being added.

We currently have ranks from A to O, With new ones being made and build daily!

Rank prices currently are

A- Free, The rank you join the server in

B- $5000, Mine with Stone, Iron ore and Coal ore.

C- $10000, Mine with Netherrack, Gold ore, Iron ore and Diamond ore.

D- $75000, Mine with Red clay, Emerald ore, Diamond ore, Gold blocks and Iron blocks

E- $150000, Mine with Stonebrick, Gold blocks, Emerald or, Diamond ore and Iron blocks

F- $250000, Mine with Quartz, Glowstone, Diamond ore, Emerald ore and Iron blocks

G- $500000, Mine with Red clay, Emerald blocks, Diamond blocks, Diamond ore, Emerald ore and Iron blocks

H- $750000, Mine with End stone, Diamond and Emerald blocks and Iron blocks

I- $1000000, Mine with Snow, Emerald and Diamond blocks, Iron blocks

J-$30000000, Mine with Purple clay, Emerald and diamond blocks

K- $5000000, Mine with Green clay, Emerald block and Diamond block

L- $8000000, Mine with Sandstone, Emerald, Iron and Diamond blocks

M- 10 Million, Mine with Packed ice, Iron blocks, Gold blocks, Emerald and Diamond blocks

N- 20 Million, Mine with Bricks, Redstone blocks, Emerald blocks and Diamond blocks

O- 30 Million, Mine isn't made right now, Will be made ASAP.

Server rules

1. No foul language.

2. Do not talk about other servers.

3. Do not post other server IP's at all.

4. Do not disrespect anyone.

5 Do not spam.

6. Always listen to the staff.

7. Do not ask for money or free ranks.

8. No hacks or modified clients.

9. Scamming is 100% allowed, Do not moan if you're scammed, It is a Prison.

And the last and most important rule! Enjoy!

Additional Notes

Ghastly Servers - OP PRISON!
Credit:24/7, Prison, Friendly, Mature

Update #2 : 02/17/2014 5:39:20 pm2/17/14

New banner.

Update #1 : 02/15/2014 4:59:35 pm2/15/14

FIxed IP box.

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Cool server :D
attention owner(s) of the server, i had a hitman pick that one of the hitmen players gave me, then i left the server to go to sleep, came back on any my pickaxe was gone. i was just wondering if you could give me another one, it have 1506 or 1501 uses. (i cant remember which) my ign is hardblock191
Hey im new to the server and i herd that you needed more admins and i am welling to help you guys out by that by being one of your admins. I am loyal to the rules i will respect everyone on the server wo jions and i will also help out others who dont know what to do on the server. I am responsable and well do what any staff tells me to do. also if you have me as an admin ill be the best admin you'll ever have :). Thank you and i hope you choose my as one of your admins.
I am GreyBaccaGater
I would like to be Staff on your prison server.
How do i sign up?
Hello, we are currently not in need of any more staff members. however we may do within the few weeks. Check the website and wait for the apps to come up again! thanks.
Hi! I am MagneticFace IGN! And I would just like to report that PlanetMinecraft is glitchy with the voting. I just voted and I got nothing. Not a shop point.. No 100K it didn't even say I voted on the game chat!♠♠♠♠♠♠
I can not find anything wrong. Either you didn't type your name correctly or it was an error on PMC's side.

Remember it must be "MagneticFace, not "magneticface".
I wrote it perfectly.. And I know. Because I always use the Capital and stuff... :/ So I think it's PMC.... And thanks for the help! I already voted today (For something) I'll try tomorrow! I'll tell you if it works or not. :)

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