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20 Update Logs

3.3.9 — BloodNight + Tamable Foxes + EndRTP : by AdamDAuria 08/01/2022 3:14:24 amAug 1st

DynaMap Returns!
We have decide to bring back Dynamap. This allows you to view a live map of your Minecraft server world, similar to Google Maps. Hopefully if it does not cause lag we will keep it. Link:;flat;504,64,512;0

Tamable Foxes!
You can Tame Foxes! their is a 33% Chance for them to be Tame. Use Chicken to Tame them.

Hives GUI
You can now Right click a Hive to see inside of it as well as the amount of Bees and Honey that are inside!

Store Books in Bookshelf’s
You can now Store Books in Bookshelf’s by right clicking on them.

Locate Slime Chucks inside of a Bucket.
You can now locate Slime Chucks by crafting a slime in a bucket. To Craft one you must catch a slime in a bucket!(right click a slime with a bucket!

Yes. BloodMoon is Gone, But BloodNight has arrived! This adds 20 unique Special Mobs inside the game during bloodnight, this night is a lot harder then bloodmoon. If you have ideas for special drops and such send them in the discord server

New Rank Perk
Gold and Ruby Rank have gained a new perk called Better Food. You can use the command /betterfood toggleEating to enable the auto eat feature, this will eat the food in your inventory without requiring effort! Run the same command to disable it.


You can now RTP throughout the end for $3 each inside of the end spawn!, will the treasure be worth it?

Three new Enchantments
Hunter — Increases damage dealt to Passive Mobs. (Bow, Crossbow, Trident)
Bone Crusher — Increases damage dealt to Skeletons. (Swords, Axes)
Netherling — Double damage in mobs in Nether (swords)

New structures?
Their are new structures inside the world go explore them and find them. Their will be automatically Spawn in the world

Miscellaneous Changes

End is restarted.

25% Discounts for returning enchantments if you don’t want

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