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Inclusive Recreation

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avatar Connierific
Level 11 : Journeyman Princess
Inclusive Recreation
Status Online! Pinged: 07/16/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
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We've begun a 1.13 world with GriefPrevention. In time more plugins will be added based on decisions made by the community, for now our previous world is described below.

The realm dubbed "Hakken" by its residents has begun to fade away. It's residents have taken their leave one by one, the latent magic of the realm has begun to fade. However for some, the memories of it and the realm before, Galdur, shall remain strong. Perhaps one day, those memories will revive the realm and rekindle it's magic. The benevolent druidess, Connie. The faithful knights of old Redrock castle. The wizard Usevalue. The myriad of Headmasters. And all the residents of both realms, they all helped shape the tale known as Inclusive Recreation.The tale may be forgotten by many, but is shall be remembered by many as well, it having helped shaped who they have become.

Our whitelisted server is part of an Inclusive Recreation Program. We have a simple code of conduct. We ask players not to act offensively to others, whether in game, outside of the game, or in a forum discussion. Rather than writing a long list of what qualifies as offensive under what circumstances, we have a simple rule: if someone says they're hurt or upset by your words or actions, respect that and move on. It's that simple. It's not about following a universal set of rules, it's about showing respect for one another as we play. Remember, you represent not just yourself, but all of us as a group. Your actions reflect the group. In case of violations, all disciplinary action is at the discretion of the leadership. In general, our procedure is to first ask the person to stop; if the behavior continues, there will be a discussion with the offender to uncover reasons for the pattern of behavior and discuss alternative strategies. We believe in giving people a lot of chances to grow and change, but if we find total unwillingness to accept responsibly, then we may decide to remove a player’s access to the server.
I. Welcome
- Welcome to this Strange New World on the Inclusive Recreation program's Minecraft server. It might be a little different from servers you've played on before, so this guide is to help you get started.

II. Towns
- If you wish, you can set off on your own into the wilderness to establish your home. However, you may wish to join many of the players in one of Hakken's towns.
- You may start a claim anywhere that isn't already claimed by placing a chest. You can extend your claim with a golden shovel.
- In time, you may wish to resettle yourself in a different part of town, or in another town entirely. To start a town it takes 5 people to have claims within a 350 x 350 area plus a town square. If a town's population grows to 12, plus has a library and dragon tower it can be a city. Monsters do not spawn inside of cities.
- Towns and cities are good places to engage in trade, joining craftspeople and merchants in the server economy.

III. The Economy
Commerce is carried out with a diamond currency. Gaining diamonds will let you buy items and supplies.
- There are some useful tools for managing your treasure. If you place a sign on a chest with [vault] on the first line, the server will use it to store your diamonds. Be sure to put your vault in a protected area.
The following self-explanatory commands can be used to measure and manipulate your diamonds:
/balance or /money
/money pay
/money deposit
/money withdraw
- You can gain diamonds by mining, working for other players, or selling items in a shop. If you want to start a shop of your own, you will need to have a claim or sub-claim within a settlement.

IV. Magic
This land is rich in energies which can fuel useful and sometimes powerful magic spells. Right-clicking with a stick, or some other cast item, will cycle through spells to be cast with a left-click.
You can also cast many spells with /cast <spell name>. Try these out:
/cast list
/cast help gate
- You might notice that many spells have costs. Mana is an energy that recharges over time, or by consuming (right-clicking) lapis lazuli or glowstone dust. It can be checked with the /mana command. Others consume various items or resources.
- There are several ways to gain magic. Some shops sell scrolls which allow for a set number of casts, or tomes which teach the spell. More can be learnt by finding enchantment tables with spells, being taught by a HeadMaster Mage, or by joining a school of magic.

V. Roleplaying
Hakken is part of a roleplaying server. This means that the character a person plays as and the person themself are separate identities. You can be a hero or villain, or anyone else you can imagine.
- The important thing to remember about roleplaying is that it can only work when everyone is glad to participate. You can have a fight or a war, but only if both sides agree. Make sure you respect others' boundaries, so it can be fun for everyone.
- Sometimes it is important for a player to absolutely differentiate between their character and what they actually think. If you ever need to do that, [use these square brackets.] So your character might say "I hate you," but you might say [this is fun.]
- As long as we're considerate of each other, and trust others to be considerate of us, we can have a lot of fun. Great to have you on the server, and may you have many exciting adventures!

Plugins include:


6 replies

09/23/2016 10:12 am
Level 48 : Master Architect
Love that round town with the tower in the center; looks very professional ;-)
09/23/2016 12:25 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Princess
Thanks, the schematics we've used as inspiration for that are from a guy that is top notch, you can see more of his work here. ;)
09/20/2016 10:09 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Network
09/20/2016 9:23 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Princess
Thanks for checking out our server. :)
09/11/2016 3:46 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Really good server :)
09/11/2016 10:59 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Princess
Thank you!

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