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avatar InCRAFTion
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
InCRAFTion - 24/7 - Survival/Creative/Skyblock/Agar.io
Status Offline Pinged: 11/02/18
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.10
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We're a BungeeCord hub server with survival, creative, skyblock, and agar.io currently. We are a community that has been around since Dec. 2010 (over 5 years) with numerous features that sets it apart from other Minecraft servers. You can connect to our servers with incraftion.com or simply use the address listed below. All servers can be switched to in-game using the commands /survival, /creatia, /sky, /agar, and /lobby.

Survival: mc.incraftion.com
We have had our survival server up since 2010 back in the days of minecraft Alpha. It has definitely evolved since then and developed a dedicated community and staff. We run a semi-vanilla survival with optional PvP'ing using Clans and RPG aspects such as dungeons and boss mobs with custom loot. Plugins include
  • GriefPrevention: Our Anti-Grief plugin to use on your land
  • LWC: Further protection to lock your doors, chests, furnace, gates, etc
  • Teleports: our /tpa plugin to request teleports to and from other players
  • SimpleClans: Our PvP system to allow players the option to pvp by creating clans
  • Homes: Your basic home plugin to set your home and always find your way back
  • Banknotes: Convert your money into banknotes for safe keeping!
  • Custom Currency: We use a custom currency plugin making your XP your money
  • BetterShops: We currently use the bettershops plugin to allow players to set up their own shops to buy and sell
  • CloudTrade: A safe way to trade any items with any player anywhere in the world simply type /trade playername
  • FastCraft: A toggle feature to allow faster crafting
  • HeroBounty: The classic PvP bounty system created by the Hero's themselves
  • MobCatcher: Toss eggs at friendly mobs to catch them and store them!
  • EditableSigns: Messed up typing out your sign? Need to change it? Simply shift+click the sign to edit it!
  • Along with other plugins to help gameplay be more smooth as well as additional features for donators

Creative: creatia.incraftion.com
Our creative server is our second longest running. We have always decided to keep a creative server up to allow our community to express their thoughts and ideas. Being a hub server you can easily switch from survival to creative whenever a ideal strikes, or simply need to map out a build. We occasionally have competitions for a best build category which can often win various prizes. We use a plot based system and allow players to have one 128x128 plot, donators can have up to two 128x128 plots (which they can merge). We also allow free WorldEdit to all players. Plugins and features include ...

  • PlotSquared: A fantastic land management system that provides protection, biome control, teleportations, team building, and much more
  • WorldEdit: A easy to use in-game world editor which lets you edit land and builds in a flash. Free for all players to use.
  • BiomeGenerator: A nifty plugin that allows you to generator full vibrant biomes to use in creative (as opposed to just flat land)
  • Friendly Mob Spawning: We allow friendly mob spawning to allow players to test out farmers and other devices (mobs will be automatically despawned every 30 minutes)
  • VoxelSniper: A powerful long range map editing tool similar, but vastly different then world edit.
  • Along with other plugins to help gameplay be more smooth with the WorldEditing as well as additional features for donators

Skyblock: sky.incraftion.com
Our newly creative Skyblock server runs the premier skyblock plugin to allow a fun multiplayer experience. Fun challenges to complete, shops, customizable biomes, warps, the nether, team play, and much more. If you're a fan of classic skyblock and wish to play, trade, maybe team play, or just chat with others while playing then this is the place to do it! Plugins and features include ...

  • ASkyblock: The highly supported and feature rich skyblock plugin which allows teamplay, warps, challenges, custom biomes, and much more
  • GreenHouses: A plugin that enables players to build their own biome greenhouses complete with weather, friendly mob spawning, plant growth, and more!
  • Banknotes: Don't want to lose all that money you saved? Withdraw it into a banknote and store it in a chest!
  • rChestShops: Wish to buy, sell, or trade with other players? Well now you can with the classic ChestShop everyone knows and loves.
  • CloudTrade: Wish to do a safe and quick trade with fellow players? Simply type /trade playername while standing next to them to safely trade items.
  • MobCatcher: Toss eggs at friendly mobs to catch them and store or transfer them!
  • Nether Support: Each player can build a nether portal to go to their own nether island full of treasure, mobs, and materials!

๏ปฟCreeper block damage and Enderman theft are on for some added fun! (note enderman will drop the block they are holding upon death!)

Agar.io: agar.incraftion.com
If you not familiar with Agar.io then you simply need to type "Agar.io" into your browser and go play! Like right now. It is a massively addicting multiplayer game where cells eat other cells to be the biggest on the block. Well famous developer Sethbling has created a minecraft version which we host on our bungeecord for everyone to enjoy! To see a preview of the minecraft version watch SethBlings video here

The servers are run on a Intelยฎ Core i7-4770 Quadcore 3.4 Ghz with 32 GB of DDR Ram and 2 3TB hard drives to provide a lagless experience!


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Update #12 : 06/12/2016 1:42:10 pmJun 12th, 2016

Servers updated to 1.10

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InCRAFTion is a great server. I have been a member for nearly 2 years now. The community is great, and the server is very reliable. There is almost never any server lag, and the last time I experienced any was before the new hardware. It is overall a great server.
  • InCRAFTion
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Network
  • March 13, 2014, 1:54 pm
Feel free to join our server and give it a try!
Make sure to read the /rules after you join though!
Here is an explanations on the rank colors-
Red- The Admins of the server
Blue- These guys are mods
Other than Blue, Red, or Yellow- Donors (Also has the donation rank before name)
Yellow- These guys are the regular people who play on the server.

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