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avatar MegaMinerDL
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
▤ Inside [Creative] | 24/7 | creative | plots | buildoffs | world edit
Status Online! Pinged: 04/20/18
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12
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Hello there! I present to you a small, but quickly developing creative server, Inside [Creative]! We accept all builders, whatever their age, style or size of builds. We're looking for active players and helping hands, and will very much appreciate if you join our small community of builders. But first, a quick overview!

>> Features
Our server has plenty of things to offer, and plenty more still to come! Here's a list of some of he things we have so far, and how they work..
> Ranks: We have a range of ranks to help people see what level of skill you've got. They are: Member, Builder, Builder+, Architect, Architect+, Artisan, Artisan+. Also: Partner, Mod, Admin, Co-owner and Owner. Ranks determine what plotworld you can go into; Members may only access the smaller plots in the guestworld, while as Builders and above can claim the bigger plots in the plotworld.
> Plots to suit all your needs. Guestworld: Contains the smaller plots for our Members. Size = 101x101. Plotworld: Home to the bigger plots for Builders and above. Size = 500x500. You can claim up to 4 plots in each world.
> Regular buildoffs: Our server has buildoffs about twice a month. Each one has one task and allows you to claim up to one plot. What could go wrong? Members can take part too.
> Plenty of plugins to improve your experience. Including World Edit - unlocks at Builder rank; Members will soon be able to get it by voting.
> A flat world for everyone with Builder rank and above to build on. As the name says, it's a giant, unprotected flat world for people to build on without having to claim a plot and/oradd people to it! But try not to grief, will you?
> Towns! Yes, anyone with a rank of Architect and above will be able to get their own world, where they will be able to build anything, from cityscapes to landscaped countrysides, and then ask staff to create a warp there. If the build's good, that is!
> Our own tree warp to fulfil all your needs of adding trees to your builds. You can warp there and, using World Edit, copy the trees over to wherever you want them (presumably on your plot). We're always looking to expand our tree collection, so tell staff if you are able to help out by building a tree!
> A rich heads database, with plenty of heads to use in your builds. Just do /heads in-game to see for yourself!
> Our own texturepack: You'll need it when playing on the server, but don't worry - it has plenty of useful features to make it perfect for city building! You can find the link to it in-game or below, in Useful Links.
> We're 24/7, to allow our players to build whenever they feel like it (except for when we're down for updates, which isn't all that often!).
> Discord - in-game chat: We have connected our Discord with our server to allow our Discord members to chat with players in-game without having to actually join the server. Useful, isn't it?

>> Things to come
We're always changing & improving to give our community the best they deserve. Here is a small list of things that are soon to come on the server...
> Voting for World Edit commands, to enable players with Member rank to get a taste of the features unlocked at the next rank-up to Builder rank, at which they will properly unlock World Edit. > Coming soon!
Got any other suggestions? Feel free to say them in the #suggestions channel in Discord, or in the comments below.

>> Useful links
> Our website
> Discord
> Our texturepack

Feel free to join us at inside.serverminer.com! Thanks in advance ;)

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  • January 5, 2018, 3:13 pm
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  • January 7, 2018, 4:11 am
Thanks :o

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