Kasarose Kingdom RP (Medieval, heavy dark fantasy, steampunk -dawn of the industrial-)

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Welcome, brave ones, to the land of Kasarose! Kasarose is a medieval fantasy, serious(ly fun) role-playing server, with a dash of steampunk to encourage the minds of the inventors and innovators! The land's you will traverse are as beautiful as they are dangerous, so don't leave without your wits!

Want to be a merchant? Ask a staff member to help you get started!
Want to be a thief? All the travel is IC if you're patient enough to wait out the roads for your next passing victim!
Mabey you're a witcher fan and want to be a monster hunter? Do so at your own safety risk, but Asoran knows there's plenty of those around with the escape of Malios once more into the realm.

Above all, be sure to have fun! To get started on the server, you will need to be whitelisted! To do so, click this here ---> Whitelist Me!
(Don't be shy to ask for help!!!)

Why should you join us?

We, here at Kasarose work our hardest to give players here everything they need to be successful and enjoy every second of their time on KasaroseKingdoms! This includes :
  • No OOC payment required for RP items long as you have proper logs or reason for having them.
  • Available, approachable staff teams that are willing to help you and give you actual, helpful responses that don't sound like a robot.
  • ENTIRELY IC based travel systems, to prevent metagaming. All large ship travels are ticket and time scheduled so you have to plan ahead on where you're going.
  • We constantly have something for players to partake in and enjoy, whether it be OOC or IC, there is always something to do. From our scavenger hunts, you can use to earn points or our frequent player-oriented events.
  • Our staff team is friendly and willing to help with any problems you may have, and unlike many servers, we have a place to anonymously report issues and problems if you don't feel comfortable addressing one of us directly.
  • Progressive and original lore! We love hearing new ideas from our players and a lot of it is actually player written! Our dedicated lore team is more than happy to help you adapt your ideas to fit into the server as well!
  • There are many different Gods in our pantheon, and we have many different lore items to use in character development!
  • We have a widely accepting and friendly community!
  • Non-Corrupted Staff!! We ensure that we maintain this standard by having 2 server owners, both with full access to server files that work together to make all large decisions for the server, and go off of the majority vote with the rest of the staff team!
  • We pride ourselves also off of our encouragement of player built towns and communities!
  • We have a race for everyone no matter what fits your tastes and are happy to help you design your character to fit into the realm!
  • We have a character limit of 3 characters per MC account to ensure people dont make throwaway or revenge characters and develop them solidly to create a realistic and exciting environment for all! (Basic character profiles are mandatory for each character)
  • Maximum of 3 revives per character, although event deaths, and acts of random killings are not counted towards this.
  • Random Killings without any reason other than "you felt like it" will go punished with the fact that one of your own revives will be taken in account of it and given to the other player. Valid reasons to kill with reason is if they have done something to your previously, or you have a motive. Another reason would be if you were for example cursed with lunasos Lament and lost control. This includes being drunk and or high in character and becoming violent as a valid excuse long as it is RP'd correctly.
  • In the wonderful world of Kasarose, the players have the power to shape their world and opportunity is open to all with our player points system! Each time a positive event happens in relation to a character, points are marked down by staff, which are carefully kept track of to gauge how mature or well suited a player is for something fantastic in the future!
  • Free to play and enjoy. Donators will receive our heartfelt thank you's but no special perks or perms will be granted for them due to the majority of our current community feeling this creates a destructive divide in the players. We run this for fun. Not for the monetary gain.
  • Our build team staff is efficient with world edit and able to help in any situation, and we Just got our new custom 15k x15k wilderness map!! It's waiting to be explored and settled, so what are you waiting for?
CreditMap Credit to Gazamo 'Halion'
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