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KrimPvP - Pure Factions - PvP/Raiding - 1.8 PvP - Recruiting Staff

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avatar KrimPvP
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
KrimPvP - Pure Factions - PvP/Raiding - 1.8 PvP - Recruiting Staff
Status Offline Pinged: 12/15/18
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2
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KrimPvP/KrimGaming is a server that is looking to bring back the good old Factions feeling that isn't really around anymore, all players suggestions will be taken into account so we can build it based on the communities wishes.... Most servers these days are hives of multiple gamemodes, we want to bring it back to the OG Pure Factions/PvP/Raiding fun that used to happen!

We are recruiting Staff/Developers/Builders so feel free to join the discord and website if you want to get more involved!

Keen to see you on the server! IP: krimgaming.tk

Join our discord here to get more involved!: https://discord.gg/Uzf3wng

Join our website at https:/www.krimpvp.enjin.com (Custom domain coming soon)

Some of our features include:

´╗┐Factions / McMMO / Shop / Economy (Based around Farming) / PurePvP / Voting Rewards - Active Staff - Silk Spawners and many many more great features!

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 05/29/2018 9:08:38 amMay 29th

Changelog 0.02

- Added a /warp rewards where every single day you can claim $500.
- Added rewards for time spent online itll work like this -
- If you reach 20 hours total playtime ingame you will get the rank [regular] which looks a bit nicer and will get a daily kit with it
- If you reach 100 hours total playtime ingame you will get the rank [loyal] which looks much nicer and will get a slightly better daily kit with it
- If you spend 3 hours ingame in one session you will be rewarded "1 Creeper Egg" and then the timer will begin once again..

More time rewards will come in the future but these are the current ones aswell as more sign rewards at the /warp

The commands to check playtime are

/pt - Shows your own playtime
/pt [name] - Shows another players playtime
/pttop - Shows the top 10 players with the most playtime

- Changed and removed many minor things that don't really effect you guys too much but will make overall gameplay much smoother

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Can confirm ! This server is quite the one we used to have back in the day, even if the population doesn't exceed over 20 players all together (it won't last for long !) this server is really nice, other players are very friendly but with competition and rivals, raids and PvP haven't started yet as this just came out a few days ago, people are adjusting and getting their factions ready. But come see us over there !
Nice Server!

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