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KudaMC: A Celtic RPG Server

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KudaMC: A Celtic RPG Server
Status Offline Pinged: 02/11/23
Game VersionMinecraft Java
KUDAMC | A Celtic RPG Server
Currently in Alpha testing
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The server is currently in Alpha testing and is very much unfinished and not very playable. Progress will be reset at full release. All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to KudaMC: A Celtic Themed RPG Server!

"You wake up on an altar surrounded by colossal walls with no knowledge of how you got here. You must discover the true meaning on this place and why you were chosen."

This is a new custom Celtic themed RPG server that will immerse you into a fantasy world with Irish mythology.

The server has mixed features from game modes such as survival, prison and mob dungeons.
Here you will start off collecting basic tools, all with custom rarities and traits, which you will use to ascend the server ranks.
The ranks and in-game lore are in Irish and the path to achieving each rank is unclear upon your arrival.

(You will not need to know how to speak or read Irish to play, it's only for immersion)

You will explore ruins, colossal mazes, excavate dig sites, fight through mob dungeons and mythological bosses in order to progress through the ranks
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