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Land of Ishtar

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Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer

Server Info : RID 2325464

Land of Ishtar
Status: Offline Pinged: 07/10/14
Game Version:Minecraft 1.6.2
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Server Address: http://ishtar.enjin.com

Land of Ishtar is a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft 1.6 server with a friendly community. Though he server has been running for quite some time, we have recently started a new map to ensure that all those lovely features added in recent Minecraft releases are available to everyone. Join now and you will be able to take part in the early stages of constructing a server.

There are two main nations, Valice and Zantia, which are always in conflict, however the players are still friendly regardless of nation (when they aren't killing each other!). In addition, we have a Neutral nation for those players who do not wish to participate in PvP and the option to be a Hermit for those who wish to live in the wilderness without the benefit of Towny. The world has a square border, and a wall through the centre keeping Valice and Zantia apart. This is all explained in more detail on our website and forum. http://ishtar.enjin.com/

The server is very democratic - anyone can suggest any reasonable change they'd like to see on the server, and if enough players agree with it then it will be implemented. We also believe that players should be treated equally as much as possible, so we have a flat hierarchy of ranks, and a small number of staff who are strictly forbidden from abusing their power.

We use Towny to manage the nation's towns and their lands, and LWC to allow players to lock their possessions. We also have a few custom plugins which we made for our server, including ones for teleportation, logging, environment, and spells. The suggestions mentioned above, which anyone can put forward, include ideas for new custom plugins which we will make and use if the suggestion is popular enough.

If you want to join our community then please visit our website and fill out the Guest Promotion.If you'd like to be a Member rather than a Guest, you can apply by replying below with your in-game name - by doing that you agree to play by the rules. If you know which nation you want to join then you can put that in your post too, or click the Guest Promotion link on our website.

If you're not sure whether you want to join yet then you can hop on the server and try it out - we use Guest ranks instead of whitelist, so anyone can join.

Server Info:

  • 24 Player slots

  • Semi Vanilla

  • Faction PvP

  • 24/7 dedicated minecraft server

  • Mini games world


1. No Griefing.

2. No asking for a higher rank (except Guests).

3. PvP is allowed but there are restrictions.

4. No hacks mods or texture packs that give you an advantage.

5. Respect the whole community.

6. No stealing.

7. No abusing staff abilities.

8. Towns must have at least 3 people in them.

9. No helping with spell caves.

10. Staff must be fair.

11. Have fun.

More in depth version of the rules with the info on the PvP restrictions can be found here.

Spell Caves:NljiVLEQNYvJKQEb_mYteaZSNPGmEqgfX

We have a custom plugin on our server which allows players to learn spells which can be activated with the use of a command. In order to learn the spells players must search the land for spell caves where they must take on certain puzzles and challenges to reach the end of the cave and find the spell. The spells give advantages including protection from fire and drowning damage for a number of seconds, allowing recovery of health and many more.


Every Saturday we hold Endraids, where we spawn in waves of mobs for the players to fight off while they make their way to the End Castle there they must continue to fight through the waves of mobs until the ender dragon appears, Then they slay the dragon. All players that take part in the end raid are entered into a lottery to win the prize of a dragon egg!



The Deadraid, inspired by the film The Evil Dead, will be held regularly. Players gather in a wooden cabin deep in the woods while waves of zombies attack and break through the windows and doors. The objective? Survive through the night.


We have a separate world containing a variety of minigames such as Hunger Games, The Walls, Spleef, Territory, Pacman, Hot Foot/Hoof, Control Points, Build Battle and Speed Building.lCvAlYswTbZwEnuErtOMkqmRgfvtLyaSM

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I've played this server for a while it is amazing for those who like to play minecraft as a community but also are competitive

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