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Land of Ishtar

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Server Info : RID 1145535

Land of Ishtar
Status: Offline Pinged: 03/16/14
Game Version:Minecraft 1.2.5
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Land of Ishtar is a server with a friendly community, which migrated together from an existing server to establish this one.
Ishtar is a goddess of love and war, and the server reflects that - there are two main nations which are always in conflict, while the players are still friendly regardless of nations (when they aren't killing eachother!).
The server is very democratic - anyone can suggest any reasonable change they'd like to see on the server, and if enough players agree with it then it will be implemented. We also believe that players should be treated equally as much as possible, so we have a flat hierarchy of ranks, and a small number of staff who are strictly forbidden from abusing their power.

The world has a circular border, and a wall through the centre dividing the lands of the two main nations, Zantia and Valice. We also have a nation for Neutrals, who can't attack or be attacked (except for pre-arranged fights/duels), and another for Hermits, who can attack any non-Neutral and live hidden in the wilderness.

We use Towny to manage the nations/towns and their lands, LWC to allow players to lock their possessions. We also have a few custom plugins which we made for our server, including ones for player jobs, teleportation, chat, logging, environment, and spells. The spells are special, secret commands which players can quest to find, and they do things like healing the player, guarding against drowning, and guarding against falling damage for a few seconds. The suggestions mentioned above, which anyone can put forward, include ideas for new custom plugins which we will make and use if the suggestion is popular enough.

We explain the rules clearly on our website, and do not punish people without proof. This means that no-one is punished unfairly. Here are our rules, without their explanations (which you can see on our website if you wish to):

  • No griefing

  • No asking for higher ranks (except for Guests)

  • PvP is restricted to keep it fair

  • No hacks/mods/texture packs which give an advantage

  • Respect the community

  • No stealing (except for looting, in the wilderness)

  • No abusing staff abilities

  • Towns have a minimum of 3 people

  • No helping with spells

  • Staff must be fair

If you want to join our community then please visit our website and click 'Guest Promotion'. If you're not sure yet then you can hop on the server and try it out - we use Guest ranks instead of a whitelist, so anyone can join.

Additional Notes

A democratic server with friendly PvP, rival nations and custom bukkit plugins.

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