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Lordsworld 1.10 Survival

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avatar lordmarakith
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Enderdragon
Lordsworld 1.10 Survival
Status Offline Pinged: 09/19/17
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.10
Connect With
Website: http://www.lordsworld.co.uk/ Forum: http://forum.lordsworld.co.uk/

Well established Survival server (since July 2012) with an almost unlimited area of land open to build in.

17 Aug 2016 New Host, new map, 1.10.2
01 Mar 2016 We now have a 1.9 Server operational if you want to come test things :)
21 Nov 2015 Survival Spawn has been moved. Old spawns are at /warp 2014spawn, /warp 2013spawn, /warp 2012spawn.
21 May 2015 PvP World has been reset.
16 May 2015 Custom mobs are back!, New chat system.
12 Jan 2015 Server is no longer 1.7/1.8 compatible. It has been fully updated to 1.8.
30 Oct 2014 New hardware in place, server should be easier to connect to now.
13 Aug 2014 Temporary problem with the servers domain name, use the IP instead.
02 Aug 2014 New hardware!, connection to the server should be less laggy now :)
15 Jul 2014 After some testing, we've now got new mobs walking around the server, with some nice drops!
26 Jun 2014 Updated to 1.7.10, minigames and disguises temporarily removed, waiting for updates.
24 Jun 2014 A few laggy plugins updated, server is still fully 1.7.2 - 1.7.9 compatible.
11 Apr 2014 Server is now 1.7.7
01 Apr 2014 New Hardware now fully operational.
13 Mar 2014 Auction house now active at /warp auction - for safer trading.
12 Mar 2014 Buyable pets added at /warp pets.
10 Mar 2014 /warp pigrace moved and horses added as well as pigs,
- spawn a zombie horse or skeleton horse mount if you're vip/epic!
18 Feb 2014: New Main Spawn is Live!
08 Feb 2014: New Nether and Plotworld spawn points, existing builds in tact.
15 Jan 2014: Long missed by many... Clans are back!
25 Nov 2013: We now have new biomes world (video)

Lordsworld offers two Survival worlds with self protection (residence), a Nether world. the End world with the Enderdragon constantly on patrol (respawns every few hours). Two creative worlds, one being residence based, the other plot based and totally grief free.

There is also a factions based PVP world to fight in, pvp arenas at spawn, plus you can create/enable pvp in your own survival residences. PVP and Survival worlds share inventories.

There are 20+ Games to keep you occupied when you fancy something different at /warp games, you can purchase new abilities using in game cash, including both /tpa and /fly. You can even get a /dis disguise for free by voting for the server regularly, and even rank up to VIP.

Please give us a Diamond above if you like this Server! ;)

- Build your own home in the wilderness, or join a player made town.
Protect your homes, and add other trusted players using residence in survival, or plotme in creative.
Jobs - earn money doing mining, cutting, crafting, killing, mcjobs. (/warp jobs)
Set up your own shops easily using chest shops and advertise them at spawn (/warp shops)
Sell or rent out properties to other players as another source of income.

Arena area in Spawn. Large outdoor zone with castle and safe zones.
Factions - Portal to Lordsworld PVP at spawn. Ability to add PVP areas to your own protected land.

- Games Room, Mob Arenas, Parkour challenges, mazes.
Over 20 games in total.

Casino -
Slot machines from $25 a roll up to $60,000 a game!

Abilities - New abilities can be purchased with in game money instantly in spawn via the abilities board,
including teleport commands, magic carpet, and /fly.

Content - All content is freely available, members can go to every area that donors can and make use of what is offered there.

Free daily income signs, providing both cash and XP daily
Pixelart, 3D art, and lots more!


Additional Notes

Survival, Games, Creative, Casinos, PVP, Crafting, Economy, Chest Shops, Protection, and more.

40 Update Logs

Update #40 : 08/17/2016 12:07:08 pmAug 17th, 2016

New Host, New Map

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06/01/2015 3:28 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
i love your server plz help meeee

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