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MatureMC | Minecraft for adults.

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avatar TwiiCe
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
MatureMC | Minecraft for adults.
Status Offline Pinged: 04/17/18
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12
Connect With
Introduction:MatureMC was set up after an initial idea sparked my mind.After my break from Minecraft I wanted to join a server only to see that most of the servers are flooded and way to busy.
That's when I decided to start up MatureMC, a Minecraft server for adults.In MatureMC you can play Minecraft and enjoy the game with likeminded people.
In here you can talk freely and discuss topics not suitable for minors.

All players must be above the age of 18. While younger applicants may be considered, they'd need a pretty decent whitelist application to get accepted.Cussing is allowed, but should not be the primary focus of our conversation.We're all adults, behave like one. We will not ban items or gameplay mechanics by using plugins.All the rules are listed on our website.

When you join the game, you arrive in the survival world.Right near spawn is a portal set-up to the creative world where you can build to your hearts content.We have a block logging tool installed to protect your bases and builds from griefing.Discord chat is linked to our server's chat. You need to link your discord account to your Minecraft one.When you join the Discord it will explain to you how.Feel free to join the forums to stay up-to-date with the latest info about MatureMC.

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 08/02/2017 8:35:04 pmAug 2nd, 2017

- A new portal has appeard at spawn. it takes you to a modern building site.
- There is a new donor rank. This one is for subscribers and features a neat little heart prefix :heart: (can be changed to a different icon like: γƒ„β™›β˜…:v: and color). You can subscribe for any amount greater than a dollar, you will receive all the same perks as a donor. Only catch is, you'd have to have 'purchased' the contribution pack first.

- RegionGUI was updated. You should now be able to edit the permissions in your own plots.
- Anti-lag plugin was installed, this will remove all items every 15 minutes. It will announce it 100 seconds and 10 seconds before it actually removes them.

- A friendly reminder that we have amazing forums, that are used not so much sadly. We're trying to get them more populated. If you have suggestions for them, let me know.
-We will transfer to a whitelisted server soon. THIS MEANS YOU NEED TO BE ADDED TO IT. If you find yourself unable to login because you're not whitelisted, shoot a message to one of the staff. Usually TwiiCe will be able to whitelist you whenever he reads it. If there is someone else online, shoot them a message first though <3

- Thought the server was hard before? We've upped the dificulty a little. It appears we've unticked a box that made mob behaviour 'smart'. Glad I checked, because now they're more smart.

We have opened a survey. This is not mandatory, you can answer as much as you want and skip as much as you want. Its just here for me to understand what the userbase wants.
You can find it here: [url=(Ad link removed)](Ad link removed)[/url]

Swoody has streamed a tour of the server, its worth the watch! If you want a plot in the big city he and Eldercube are building, let them know! Check out the stream here:

Thank you for playing! :heart:

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  • Xyross
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • August 8, 2017, 3:42 am
Join this server its very good n stuff
  • Macsi
  • Level 28
  • Expert Nerd
  • August 7, 2017, 10:27 am
A nice Server! I am there for just one day and don't regret it. They have a nice and friendly Admin. I going to come more often now!

I've been searching for a server for a while that has a nice community and I've found one on MatureMC. The community on this server is wonderful and lively. You don't have to worry about griefing and its a great place to meet new people or simply build up your base.I hope to see you on soon!

~Misti :)
  • Eldercube
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 25, 2017, 12:35 pm
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give you all my review. I was one of the first players to join after TwiiCe created the server. I was initially attracted by the "mature" sign in his title. At 36, I certainly didn't want to deal with any childish behavior, so I joined hoping for the best. I brought a few of my friends from my previous server to make sure I had some like-minded gamers. Assuming every server has one or two awkward players (either annoying, immature, rude, etc.), I've been very impressed with the players on this server, especially the "regulars". The ones I'm used to seeing are very polite, have terrific builds, and have been fun to be online with.

I'm involved in a large project, so I've kept to myself for the most part. However, I can attest that TwiiCe has proven to be quite motivated to bring the community together by creating and offering special dungeons, reward programs, etc., and also by ensuring players have the opportunity to apply for higher rank/permissions within the server.

Generally speaking the server has been well taken care of. TwiiCe and his staff have been quick to resolve issues as they come up. There was a problem with block lag and he elected to upgrade the server. I still see hints of block lag (probably because of my geographic location from the server), but I was glad he took steps to address the problem. MatureMC has a terrific webpage as well, which has a place for players to make donations if they wish - but don't worry, nobody pressures anyone to make a donation.

My build is relatively close to spawn and takes up a lot of real estate (large walled city with castle), but I've had no issues with acquiring the space, griefing from other players, or any other destructive behavior. Players have respected my build, and if anything have been nice enough to throw a few compliments our way.

I'd personally love more company from older folks. If you're considering joining this server, and you're an adult that displays maturity, patience, intelligence, etc., then I strongly suggest you join MatureMC and see if you'd like to make this your next server-home.
  • Xyross
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 13, 2017, 11:29 pm
Come join the server Really Nice place to chill
  • Xyross
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 4, 2017, 2:27 am
This is a fantastic server where the community can really be something everyone can enjoy and a server everyone can play on without being uneasy for alot of reasons the perfect server for legit mature players that are just looking to have fun :)
  • CherryAkuma
  • Level 28
  • Expert Network
  • July 3, 2017, 7:59 pm
Such a great server! It's pretty self-explanatory-- If you want to deal with people who aren't children and aren't going to disrespect you, this is the place to go! Love how quiet and how vanilla this server is. <3 Keep in mind you must apply to be whitelisted! That way only trustworthy people can build :-)
  • TwiiCe
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Miner
  • July 3, 2017, 6:01 am
I'm currently online. This means I will be able to speed up the Whitelisting process :)

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