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mc.themodem.net [1.9-1.12.2] [World of Colour] [Looking for staff]

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Level 6 : Apprentice Network

Server Info : RID 3961701

mc.themodem.net [1.9-1.12.2] [World of Colour] [Looking for staff]
Status: Online! Pinged: 12/17/17
Game Version:Minecraft 1.12.2
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Website: http://themodem.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/cnScJyH
PMC: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/mc-themodem-net/

Minecraft Forum Servers: http://www.minecraftforum.net/servers/14992-mc-themodem-net

This server is running Spigot 1.12.2, and is also running on a fresh map. We do not perform map resets. Clients 1.9-1.12.2 are supported.

Starter Guide
  • Connect to our server by putting mc.themodem.net into your Minecraft 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 or 1.12 client.
  • (optional) Read the signs if you feel like doing so and use /kits to see the kits available to you.
  • Use /rtp or /wild to teleport into a random location on the map. This has a 2 minute cool-down once used.
  • Once you have found a nice spot for your base, town or other structure, use /kit claim to get a claiming shovel.
  • After getting your shovel, hold it and right click one corner of your claim, then right click the completely opposite corner to claim your first base.
  • (optional) Use /shop to open the store to buy or sell items. Left click to buy, right click to sell.
  • (optional) Use /ar check to see how many more hours you have to play before receiving your next rankup. There are five (5) ranks in total.
  • (optional) Try finding other players, we have one of the nicest, tightly knit Minecraft communities in Western Canada.

About themodem.net:

The Modem in it's current form started up around mid-2012 under a different name, founded after a previous server imploded due to a staff being incredibly toxic. For different reasons, I and Dan were both banned and exiled from the community after the dust from the drama was settling. Dan and I set on a journey taking many years to create a community where edginess is allowed, but repeated toxicity is not permitted.

After many years of hard work, hard drive failures, and a few renames, we have made it to the promised land that we sought after for so long, the holy grail of multi-game communities. Dan is now working as a freelance artist and occasionally pokes his head into Discord to say something. Our community is mostly dead, we have a few regulars that pop in once every few days for a few hours.

At themodem.net, we can't cure obesity, but we have administrators that have been involved with Minecraft communities since the beginning and can provide you with an experience that might change you for the better. Our community is a place where you can shoot the -, eat food loudly into your mic and maybe make a few friends that have a sense of humour as messed up as yours.

Regardless of who you are, come and be the first to populate our community.

  • Do not steal, grief or otherwise destroy someone else's property.
  • Do not exploit game mechanics to gain resources or kill other players.
  • Follow Wheaton's Law at all times.
  • Don't beg for items, ranks, or OP.
  • Use common sense.
  • Have fun!

Server Information and Misc. Features
  • Hosted on themodem.net's first dedicated machine, codename "hecate".
  • PvE, freebuild, economy-based gameplay.
  • Use /wild and/or /rtp when first connecting to teleport to a random parcel of land in the wilderness.
  • Somewhere near semi-Vanilla, but far from the Factions + McMMO servers that the Minecraft community is full of.
  • Jobs, you are allowed 5 at the default rank. Perform /jobs browse to select your first jobs.
  • A total of 4 tiered rank-ups (not including the default rank) available once specific needs are met (money and hours played. Use /ar check to see your rank-up progress).
  • Specific kits, perks and rewards for each rank.
  • 20k radius square World Border centered at 0/0 (spawn).
  • Our spawn at 0/0 was built 100% legit. Every block was hand placed, mined and smelted by our community over the course of many months.
  • Anti-grief supplied by CoreProtect (rollbacks) and Grief Prevention (self-serve).
  • Auction your items with /auction to everyone on the server.
  • A custom resource world with double drops for easy resources for building. Use the warp pad in spawn to teleport to the resource world.
  • No P2W, we hate it as much as you do.
  • Access the item shop with /shop
  • Sell items in your hand /sell hand
  • The server-side render distance is set to 32 chunks, which is currently the maximum supported by Mojang.
  • Griefing and stealing is punished.

Automatic Rankups:
To assist in bridging the gap between survival and freebuild gameplay, we have created 4 automated rank-ups to work towards. After you have achieved all of the requirements to rank up (make sure to check your progress with /ar check), you will be notified and receive all of the perks that come along with your new rank. Some of the perks that you unlock every rank up can include movement buffs, kits, prefixes and chat colours.

Resource World:

To promote the use of our custom resource world, all block drops there are doubled. This allows players to gain resources easily, while not directly spawning them in. This helps maintain our server's image as a hybrid of freebuild and survival. Our resource world has the added bonus of making sure the terrain of the main world stays nice looking and doesn't become an eyesore.

Block and mob drops are tripled (x3) while in the resource world.

To teleport to the resource world, find the sign in spawn with a diamond axe, pickaxe and shovel, and step onto the pressure plate.

Note: The resource world resets on a monthly basis (the first of every month), so do not build any structures that you would like to keep.

Staff Application:

To apply for a staff position at themodem.net, simply fill out the information below and post it to the #applications channel on our Discord server.



Why you think you are good enough to moderate the themodem.net servers:

Previous moderation experience:

How long have you played Minecraft:
Credit:themodem.net, Skyrossm and our wonderful community who helped beta test the server.

Projects shared by members of this server

Update #6 - Votifier Fix : 10/27/2017 12:45:03 pm10/27/17

Votifier has been fixed. Enjoy.

Update #5 - Permission Fixes : 09/22/2017 2:34:34 am9/22/17

Hey all,

Freebuild received some fixes this evening with the much appreciated help of "_Beta_Carotene_".

Here are some of the fixes:
  • Fixed multiple homes for each rank (you start with 3 max, and eventually work your way up to 50 homes).
  • Teleportation commands have been fixed (most notably /tpaccept and /tpahere).
  • Claim block gain has been slightly increased.
  • /rtp, /wild and all variants have been fixed for 1.12.2. The effective range of /rtp has been increased to the entire radius of the map (20,000 block radius from 0/0).
  • There is now a shop availible with /shop. This will replace the admin shops inside spawn. You can sell items directly to the shop with /sell <itemname or ID> or /sell hand to sell the item currently held.

Have a great weekend!

Update #4 - Freebuild Updated : 09/19/2017 12:48:12 pm9/19/17

Freebuild has been updated to 1.12.2. Clients 1.9-1.12.2 are now supported.

The following issues have been resolved:
  • You can now use /help again.
  • /warp resource now works again.
  • New kits have been added to some of the ranks.
  • The chunk-render distance has been upgraded from 8 to 32 (max distance).
  • Some useless administration plugins have been trimmed, which speeds the server up a fair bit when under heavy load.

As always, you can connect with mc.themodem.net

Update #3 - Server Uptime Resolvement : 08/31/2017 2:16:12 pm8/31/17

Hello all,

We are well aware that the server has had some uptime issues the past week or so. This is due to us pre-rendering the Dynmap and World Border so that there is less lag when exploring in the future.

The server shuts itself down after around every few days by the looks of it. This has been resolved, as I have found a script that automatically starts the server back up after 15 minutes or less of downtime.


Update #2 - Server Upgrade : 08/22/2017 2:54:36 pm8/22/17

Hello all,

This is the owner of themodem.net, Hunter. Over the past 30 hours, we were migrating mc.themodem.net from Beastnode to a brand new dedicated box from Kimsufi. In order to compensate for the roughly 20 hour downtime, we are offering 33% off all store items until September 4th 2017. You can access our store on our website, which is themodem.net

The ram dedicated to this specific server has been upgraded to 4GB total, up from 2GB previously. This can be expanded in the future if more people start playing.


Downtime on June 21st and 22nd 2017 : 06/23/2017 12:23:40 am6/23/17

Hi all,

This is Hunter, the founder and Head Admin apologizing for the downtime today and yesterday. In the early hours of the 21st, the dynmap folder was corrupted for unknown reasons. This took a day and a half to resolve, for which we offer a humble apology to those affected by the downtime.

Have many more hours of fun on our game servers,
Founder and Head Admin of themodem.net

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