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limemelon21 avatar limemelon21
Level 1 : New Miner
Status Offline Pinged: 10/23/21
Game VersionMinecraft Java 1.17.1
pure survival
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melon army is a Survival Multiplayer Server compatible with 1.17.1
This SMP gives you the opportunity to survive with friends, start a team,
and maybe even start a war...

General Rules:
Rule 1. No Cheating/Hacking
Rule 2. No Sci-Crafting
Rule 3. Don't spam the chat
Rule 4. No Harassing
Rule 5. No Hate Speech (discriminations against groups, race, skin color, sexual identity, disability, etc)
Rule 6. Keep the chat clean! (you can swear, but not too much)

War/PvP Rules:
Rule 1. Do not grief/loot anyones main bases, if your enemy built a small seperate base for the pvp/war, you may grief/loot it (This also goes for the general rules too)
Rule 2. (Not really a rule, just a warning) Don't fight with your strongest/hard-earned weapons, armor, tools, in your inventory, always keep them in a safe place during wars; unless you don't really care for it.
Rule 3. Always stick to lore and don't take war too seriously, it's only a game and we don't want to ruin any friendships over here! (it's fine to rage a little though)
Rule 4. Please let people opt out/surrender if they have something to do, need to grind, life, etc.
NOTE: If you're going to begin the lore, we suggest chatting "*LORE*" before you act, when you're done with the lore, we also suggest chatting "**LORE**".

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