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Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer

Server Info : RID 1836614

Status: Offline Pinged: 02/02/14
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5.2
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Planet Gold Rush is best known as the o Only Minecraft Server That Players Can Earn Money From Playing On!o . Based on a faraway planet, Planet Gold Rush is the based entirely on only Gold.

You were sent to a faraway planet that was named, o Planet Gold Rusho . Along with a few others to help colonize the newfound Planet. Sadly enough the ship that you arrived on crash landed, making communication and transport between Earth and PGR near to impossible. [What you plan to do goes here].

Server Info:

Reminder: A lot of these features have not been tested 100% for errors, so if anything comes up please let us know! Also Remember to check out the Website for updated news! We are also in HUGE demand of written Quests, if you are interested please do help us out! Thank You!
Many of you out there must be confused on how players can earn money from playing on a Minecraft server? Well on this server our players can earn money! The entire server revolves around o Goldo . On the server there are MANY ways to earn this so called gold. (Check out the o Ways to Earn Goldo for more info.) The in game currency is simply just gold as well, so players can buy items/perks in game.

We also have another option, players can also o Cash Outo their gold. This means that players can essentially sell their gold to the server. When we say sell, we mean players will earn real life money for the gold! But there are some things to keep in mind:

  • You must have 64 Gold Blocks before you may cash out. (Read further for more info)

  • You do not get the money instantly because there is no way for you to, once you sell the gold, we get told by the server and will contact you directly and discuss how you want to receive the money, so if you do not have access to paypal we will help find another way.

  • Please give us 24-48 hours from when you o Cashed Outo . Since we have to do it manually we wono t be monitoring requests every minute.
Ways to get Gold? You may ask. Well here at PGR we offer MANY ways to get gold not just old fashion mining. Of course mining is still available and we also have a Gold Counter on the front page of the website, so show how much gold is left. About 5,000,000 Gold is in the world right now! A list of some other ways to earn gold is below:

  • Mining (Of Course)

  • Quests (See Quest Section)

  • Casino

  • Mini-Games (See Mini-Games Section)

  • Every Month There is a PVP Tournament (See Tournament Section)

Other Info (Sections)

Quests: On PGR we offer Quests from the other NPCo s that traveled with you to their. Every week we add more quests, and we get most of our Quest ideas from players, so you guys will enjoy them! You can request a quest type on the forums or post below using this format.
Quest Name:
Quest Description:
Objective 1:
Objective 2:
Objective 3:

We ask that you use this format so it is easier for us to get the full meaning of what you want for a quest and it will also help us enter it into the server.

Mini-Games: On PGR we have the option for players to bet gold on winning a Mini-Game Match. This requires players to essentially pay to play but whoever wins gets all of the gold that was put in. Right now we only have Spleef, but is Guaranteed to grow as the server grows. Suggests are welcome as well!

Tournament: Every Month we hold a PVP Tournament, the top 10-15 PVPERS will be put into a Arena and will be fighting to the death. Every player will have 32 Gold Blocks on themselves. The winner gets to take it all.


If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can contact us on the forums and or here on this very topic.

Website: planetgoldrush.com

Additional Notes

Get Paid REAL LIFE Money for playing on a Minecraft Server! Read the Forum post and the F.A.Q. for more info on how it works!
Credit:Reinecker, Masaer, Saladshooter

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