{PvE} 24/7 Creative/Survival - S!K NAT!ON

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Server Info : RID 1306338

{PvE} 24/7 Creative/Survival - S!K NAT!ON
Status: Offline Pinged: 03/24/14
Game Version:Minecraft 1.3.1
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Hello! Everyone hates reading rules so lets make it simple, because everyone has them. Basically, be respectful, if you didn't build it don't break it. That should prevent you from ever getting the ban hammer. Do not touch other peoples builds without asking, just have fun building.

We have protection plugins for world protecting your builds and you will start of with bedrock that protects a 20x20 radius and can be upgraded if you ask. We are an easy going group and look forward to seeing new members that can follow our basic rules. Be sure to visit our site at www.siknation.com

Do not ask for materials or OP. The main world is to be played 100% legit. OP positions must be earned. If have a mic be sure to visit our Teamspeak server siknation

Additional Notes

Just a straight up PvE non-grief/non pvp minecraft server with lots of cool builds and a great well designed spawn. COMING SOON is multiverse for a PvE/PvP Grief and Creative world.

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Our server reverted to whitelist for some reason and has been removed have fun everyone!!
its no longer whitelisted!!
Thanks to all recent visitors today was fun!!
When will the server be changed back so it's not whitelisted?

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