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  • Realm Of Allura
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    Last updated 10/19/18
    Posted 07/08/2017
    by Realm Of Allura
    Game Version: Minecraft 1.12.2

3 Update Logs

Update #3 NEW CREATIVE/RP WORLD : 07/29/2018 9:44:26 pmJul 29th

Hello everyone. Today we have a whole host of information to throw your way, included anticipated announcements and a few extra treats. Read on!

The Creative World

I am happy to announce that the new Creative World has been released to the community, you may now head through the portal in the Creative Spawn to reach the new lands! It currently drops you in small bay labelled 1 on the map below, so you can orientate yourself.

In this initial first phase, we shall be allowing people to explore the new terrain in its fullest,
letting you find your dream-spot to establish your new nations. We will be holding off on allowing you to start work for the moment, so we can get some more features in place, as well as ensuring that nobody gets left out in the initial rush and allowing us to process all requests. We will make a further announcement when phase 2 is launched.

The new Discord server is also up for you to join. This is where we will be managing most aspects of the new creative world, so its vital that you do join:

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

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Update: When you find your preferred starting location, you can put it down here in this thread. Follow the instructions there to find out more and provide the information we need.

State Registry Community
This topic is if you’re interested in founding your own Sovereign State within the Creative World. Full Credit of the map used for the Creative World “Le Monde” goes to its creator Moonti.

Name a Landmass Competition

We also have a competition going to name the landmasses of the new world, so that we have some established names for the Roleplay community to work with:

Continent Naming ContestContinent Naming Contest.png726x913 305 KB
trust me, its gorgeous to walk around…

There are 5 main landmasses in total and we are looking to get them named so everyone knows what to call them:

  1. The Central Continent
  2. The Southern Tropical Atolls
  3. The Central Highlands Island
  4. The Volanic Forests Island
  5. The Frozen Northern Continent

We will be taking suggestions and then, when we launch phase 2 we will be picking the winners. Remember, these names are for everyone, not just your faction! Post them in the linked topic below:
Realm of Allura

Continent Name Competition!

Please post all your suggestions for names here 🙂 There are 5 main landmasses in total and we are looking to get them named so everyone knows what to call them: The Central Continent The Southern Tropical Atolls The Central Highlands Island The...

Reading time: 1 mins 🕑Likes: 20 ❤

Upcoming Chunk Building Competition

We are looking to launch a new build competition for players to compete in on the server.

The current premise is that the players would be given a theme and have to build accordingly, but keep it within a 1 mine craft chunk limit. That means the sky’s the limit in an otherwise quite tight space. This competition would be run at regular intervals, much like the palette challenge many of our longer players would be familiar with.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners:
  • The top 10 get 1 support token,
  • The top 3 get a rank promotion,
  • Winner will get 3 months worldedit for plots

Okay, that’s all for now folks. We will be back fairly soon with another update on the Creative World and other topics, so keep your eyes peeled.

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