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Level 10 : Journeyman Dragon

Server Info : RID 1980115

Status: Offline Pinged: 01/27/15
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Game Version:Minecraft 1.5.2
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This is the Realm of Gwomath, a land of magic, airships, and war! If you join us, you will be part of the power-struggle for dominance in a war-torn world! But whose side will you be on?


Ignore the fact that its small ATM. So much has been happening, I can't keep track

So much HAS HAPPENED AND IS HAPPENING that I've given up trying to write chapter updates on what

we've been doing

Chapter 1

The land was in a war. Two warring factions traded blows in small and large battles that would last years at a time. The war seemed to go on forever, and finally hit a lull. The wars end seemed in sight, but then the Korvinians launched a series of small sabotage and spy missions against Samatya. They seemed harmless, until the Korvinian Emperor himself took to the field. Upon entering the city, he killed a few of the Samatyan Soldiers before being taken down by a large force. Upon seeing the Korvinian Emperor, the Samatyan King, Dante O'Connor (incorruptable) was stricken with fear and set off to find a way to defeat this powerful foe. David Rhyder (Paradox_Titan), royal guard of Dante, set off to show his king something he thought might help. It didn't seem enough, so they dug until they broke into a stronghold used by the Sages themselves. They scoured the decayed passageways and came upon two libraries and a portal into the Sage of Sage's realm and home of pets, the Dragons!

A Samatyan hunting party was launched to kill a single dragon to summon the mighty Sage of Sages, Grantis to give them a power they hoped would save them. A long battle ensued. The Mage Apprentice, Mars (clayton98); the Royal Guard, David Ryder; the King himself, Dante O'Connor; Prince James Mars (Beanbagtraveler); the Viking, Hal (Kolock8000); the elder Samatyan, Diamond (Diamondfinder98); the Rancher, Melkan (Supsoko); and the mystery man, Azur'Kuram (Intense_Toxicity) came out victorious over the great beast! The final shots were fired upon it by Mars and Dante. While they both shot high and true, their comrades fought off the Endermen as they tried to protect their master. In the end, the killing arrow was fired from the bow of David Rhyder's father, held by King Dante O'Connor. With the dragon defeated, the party retrieved their prize, a singular dragon's egg, and brought it to their home. They dragged it in front of their gates and did a summoning ritual to awaken the Sage, Grantis. Upon his arrival, the Samatyan Warriors and some other miscellaneous men and women readied their weapons to try and slay the Sage's body less soul, and tried to remove him from the world of the living once more by destroying the circle that bound him, but only released the chains that kept him trapped .

Having been grateful to the Samatyans, he decided to do the task upon which he was called to do, and read the tomes and activated the scrolls that had been discovered, and then disappeared into the night.

(Created because 3 months of Rping is simply too long)
Short Version of events is as follows:

Korvin disappears because of deserters. James Mars is then attacked by his old friend Bane(ecidar) which causes James's evil brother to take over his mind using a link through which James and Bane are connected. Thomas, James's evil brother, then goes on an evil holocaust to wipe out the high elves. After being stopped by Bane, Samatya is then restored under rightful leadership. Samat is then taken a succession of times by various factions. After a short time, a newcomer from a distant land arrives at Gwomath, eager to wipe out the strongest people around, AKA, the gods of Gwomath. His name is Beryl, and he uses a castle that belongs to Bane so that he can launch attacks at the gods. Recognizing the threat, Samatya forms two alliances to create the FSA, a kind of super-faction. A long war rages between the FSA and the Godkillers, until (and getting to the end of this warp) the Korvinians return with a deadly plague, and cripple the God-killers, leaving them to wander the lands in their giant airship. Currently the land is being swept by the plague, and the outlook is grim as the death toll rises.

What am I getting myself into?

Gwomath is a continent dominated by 3 main powers: 2 human, and 1 elf. Well... that's how it used to be. Now most of it is controlled by the FSA, headed by Dante O' Conner, a fun-loving drunk that can handle himself in a fight. The one elf power is now split into the nobility, who work with the Korvin tyrants, and the common elves, now forced into rebellion and led by the one noble elf who decided not to support the tyrant. The 2nd human power is now much smaller and in constant war with the FSA, trying to push them back and reclaim what once was theirs. If you join you will become part of this active power struggle and changing political landscape. Work with your officers to capture bases, raid towns, and do other devilish acts of role-playing war! Additionally, the LocalAreaChat plugin makes sure that only people nearby can "hear" you, adding a great layer of realism to the RP (don't worry, there is still an all-player accessible way to chat server-wide for reporting grievers and other out-of-character necessities)!

Thanks for that, but what exactly are these powers you keep mentioning?

-each one is put into a spoiler so you don't have to read it if you don't care, but read them, it's interesting!-

-each one is put into a spoiler so you don't have to read it if you don't care, but read them, it's interesting!-

Human Alliance

Korvin Rebirth


The Korvinian Forces have regrouped and are returning to Gwomath. They fight in the name of their dead king, Vashimir the Immortal and are lead by a duo of mysterious figures: Dr. Gerald R. Dracen and the mysterious mage, Albatross. While Dr. Dracen calls the shots, his subordinate, Commander Santi of the old Korvinian forces, leads the land forces across Gwomath in military operations. With the return of Korvin, the FSA has a new and ancient foe they must worry about. Korvin will stop at nothing until they regain the lands they lost upon their defeat decades before.


In game name: Kenyan_Kid
Personality: Unknown

Why should I join?:
-Less Likely to contract a plague-

-Large Quantities of resources-

-Unknown alignment-

-No war (currently)-

Other Important Players:


FSA: Neutral


High Elves: Alliance




The FSA is a combination of three former factions: The Samatyans, the Sametonians, and the Alterans. It was formed as the UFS originally to be a defensive measure against the God Killers. When the war with the God Killers was first thought to be over, they made a pact with the Alterans to create the full FSA and the now technological super power of Gwomath. Although, this faction was halved in size when the SRP broke off in defiance of the lack of leadership, in the hopes of making peace.


O' Connor

In Game Name: incorruptable


Friendly, caring,and often either drunk or making some more of his own ale.

Confident and powerful in a fight combined with a pleasant demeanor make him an excellent leader.

Why should I join these guys?

-Huge player base-

-No end to the action in this faction-

-Some of the greatest heroes are in this faction-

-Excellent leader-


Soon to come!

Other Important Players:

Soren O' Connor-Nephew to Dante, Soren is the leading militant commander of the FSA, along with Wolf Cain.


TFR: Alliance

High Elves: Neutrality

RedF: Alliance

Godkillers: neutrality

Andorra: Neutrality





The Elven nobility, as is made abundantly clear by their name, are the elven higher-ups... kind of. That was how it used to be, when the elves were unified and Vashmir was not in control of most of everything. Now they are a completely separate faction and the once sole ally of Korvin, and gain many advantages as such (for one they don't have to spend most of their time fighting against him). This occurred during the Elven Revolution, during which the noble elves decided to abandon the rest of their species (which none of them really cared about anyway). They now share a capital and castle with Korvin, but their cities are very different. Built in jungles and other forests, the beautiful citadels of the High Elves shoot high into the sky, towering over the trees and seeing all. They feel Samatya and just about everyone else are too low-down to be of consequence and feel no qualms in helping Vashmir destroy them if he leaves them alone otherwise.

After the fall of Vashimir and the rise of the FSA, the Elven Nobility reformed its original kingdom, reclaiming land for the Elves and becoming a powerful kingdom. At current times, they are a large kingdom under the watchful rule of the Castle Family. Their current military general is a man by the name of Bane and leads their armed forces against the Outcasts during a temporary treaty with the FSA until the Outcasts have been fully dealt with.


-Nick Castle-

In-game-name: CrazyFedora

How do I know?

I'm just some text on a screen...

Why should I join these guys?

-Good Leader-

-more money-

-easily defended cities, if done carefully-

Optional but highly suggested skins:




Other Important Players:


FSA: neutrality

Tanacya: Alliance

God-killers: No Knowledge

Korvin: Thought to be dead

SRP: No Knowledge



The Outcasts

After the heroo s of Gwomath traveled the god realm the world turned into large and bloody battle field. The elves had united under one banner after the destruction of the old high elf city of ilghan and the humans began to gather under the banners of the FSA and Korvin. The wars fought were largely between these two empires. These fights however spilled into the many smaller species that did not have the numbers of the elves and the humans to band together to keep from being destroyed. The continent of Gwomath turned xenophobic each race and species hating each other and those half breeds were seen as monsters unfit to live, anyone different from the other were cast out. As the wars pressed on those driven from their homes because they were different begin to band together. It started when a large band of criminals and renegades of the human empire escaped with the help of the hexenwulfen pack lead by Ash. This ragtag band fled from the FSA soldiers fleeing to the countryside. A few miles south of the FSA border they discovered a band of necromancers who had left the FSA to practice their art in solitude. The leader of the necromancers a Lich named Malo Kresha agreed to aid Ash in finding a home where they could not be hampered by the Humans and the Elves. They continued south until they discovered a refugee camp filled with half breeds of many different species. Ash determined to help others in a situation similar to his own bolstered his ranks with those willing to follow him to find a new home. At last after a month of searching they discovered an area they could make their home. With the help of a band of dwarfish builders that had joined Asho s band and the undead labor force the city was constructed quickly. When the city Haven was complete it became a symbol of tolerance of all species and those who were outcasts to society flocked to Haven. The Outcasts became its own super power filled with not one race but many. The streets were filled with human and elvish renegades, werewolves, half breeds, dwarves, draconic, orcish, ogres, giants and undead. The laws of the city were simple, you cause problems to others in the city we will make problems for you. The Outcasts began to swell and the war still raged after 20 years after the heroo s left for the god realm. On the eve of the 21 year since they left a new conflict arose and the Outcasts were at the center of it. The world of the demons was in as much chaos as the over-world, many demonic warlords began to fight among themselves causing destruction and death in the underworld at a level not seen for hundreds of years. An Ancient Demon battle lord named Zaurik had caused most of the early fighting had enslaved those he defeated and had gathered a demonic army numbering in the millions. He was determined to strike against the over-world and take control of Gwomath. The only real resistance to his plan were the Human empire that was unaware of the demons beneath their feet, the Elvish empire arrogantly driving away other species from their forest, and the Outcasts. The only other demon lord that fought Zaurik was Mahnum a loyal follower of the old demonic regime. Mahnum had lost most of his forces trying to stop Zaurik on his own and many of the other loyalist had become turned to fight. Mahnum learned of the plans Zaurik had for the over-world and decided that his new allies would have to come from there. Outside the city of Haven the gate that Mahnum opened to lead out his small demonic force was met by Ash and the hexenwulfen who already had an affinity with their demonic brethren. Mahnum told Ash of what was occurring and the army of the Outcasts marched into the depths of the underworld. The battle was harsh and many lost their lives but the final conflict against the Demon battle lord Zaurik killed hundreds of Asho s elite soldiers the Gray Moon. When Zaurik shuddered under the death throng the spells he used to enslave his demon minions shattered. The demons united under Mahnum and Mahnum gifted Ash the horns of Zaurik which were crafted into a bow. Ash, Malo Kresha and Mahnum made a pact that the demons would join the Outcasts for their aid and the demons move into the large sewer system built under Haven. After this event the Outcast gathered the last major species in their own empire, the council they formed had members of every race. The city Haven has grown larger during that time, their eyes now turn on the other empires for both payback and to remain free from the proud elves and the demanding humans.

(The Outcasts faction during battles they can ask admins to summon mobs for each species that is a majority within the faction, zombies for humans and undead, skeletons for elvish or half elves, blazes for demons, zombie pigmen for demons, ghasts for lesser dragons, ender dragons for elder dragons, withers for ancient demons, giants for giants and ogres, wolves for werewolves and hexenwulfen. These mobs can only be spawned if a certain corps are fighting and elder dragons and elder demons are only for major battles and hexenwulfen are only for characters that become hexenwulfen themselves. Also because of its diversity has the spell called o stealthxo which keeps mobs from attacking you and is recommended during battles where Outcast forces are present (Only use it for these battles however). The Outcast because of their rich diversity can have any range of characters join and most species that are different from elves or humans, or those with a criminal past, will tend to flock here. There are few laws in Haven and other Outcasts city but anything that you do that injures the Outcasts as a whole is illegal but besides that you take the law in your own hands.)



In-game-name: BladeStorm95

Personality: adventurous, quiet, blunt, intellectual, and very cold.

Why should I join these guys?

-Lead by a Hexenwolf-

-Can Have mobs spawned for troops-



Other Important Players:


Human Alliance: War

Elves: War




Kaiamie, after being lost to our dimension, was facinated by human hisotry and architecture, and therefore set out to build her mark on human histroy. With Whitewall's constrution, she did just that, as it start's to take on a bigger role in Gwomath. With a higher population on it's way, the Island of Andorra itself grows too. Andorra has already seen many advances in science under their queen, as well as a thriving Navy. Their architecture is almost unrivaled across Gwomath and their economic hold is in Emeralds. Within their lands is a place known as the Fringeland. No travelers dare enter due to the existence of Dragons in the mountains.

IGN: Muffrin


Miscellaneous Rules

If you off an Admin/the Owner then the consequences that follow will be harsh or leniant, depending on who gives them.

There is a game players have played called the " off the Admins/Owner" game. If you play it, consequences will be harsh.

The Admins labeled with CEO will not deal with anything that a Staff Member can do. If no other Staff Member is on, then you a CEO (Owner) will deal with it. DO NOT bother a CEO/Owner with Staff Work. It is not their job.

Please refrain from bothering incredibly hard working staff, most of them do not

have time to train on any basis, as they are far too busy building or working on the server for you.

War Rules and the like

No Griefing (outside of war)

Capitol Rules

Townhalls are needed to make someplace a city or base.

Townhalls must be at least 20x20 to be legitimate. Must be made from legitimate materials (IE: Not made of dirt, or sand, or gravel, or leaves [unless Tanecyan].

Capitol Cities must have a castle or keep of some form. These can be as splendid as you want to make it.

Capitol Cities declared as one by another faction (and must be OWNED by said faction) can not be made the capitol of another faction, even if captured.


Forward Bases are needed to attack a city, and attacks can only be declared by squad commanders (faction mods).

Forward bases must consist of legitimate materials and contain a 6x6 interior command zone and a barracks of a 5x10 interior within the forward. Forwards may not be shared. Forwards must be within Normal View of the city to be attacked but at least 100 blocks from the exterior wall.

No using enemy Residence's to get to their base.

To take a city, your troops must stay in the Townhall for a continuous 8 minutes. If your forces are routed from the Townhall, the counter stops and restarts.

You must publicly declare an Attack to take a city. (sabotage attacks must be declared if discovered and can only be done by Squad Commanders.)

There must be 2-3 players on from the attacking side (per attacking faction) and the people who own the city for an attack to be legitimate. If one side entirely leaves mid-battle, the remaining side wins. If the last person of one side leaves, there is a 2-minute grace period in case it was a crash or java error before a winner is declared

If the Command Post of a Forward Base is held for 3 minutes by the defenders, the battle is over.

If you are engaged in combat and in a party, you may not PTP to one of your party members unless you manage to disengage for 3 minutes.

No Hacks! Period. If you are caught using one, it is an automatic ban with only one chance of appeal.

In order to make a faction not listed, you need to have a total of 5 people (yourself included) a city/capitol and a name as well as approval by the Owner of the server and Ecidar.

Role-playing Rules

If you receive important information of any kind, such as the location of a base or an important document while scouting or wandering and you die shortly after, you "Forget" the information or "lose" the document and have to go and find a new copy or relearn the information. This rule does not go for spells. Only for spying on people or stealing/delivering documents.

Rules for Power-Gaming

As there have been many conflicts between various members of this server based on power gaming (Text book definition is: Role-playing an action that cannot actually be done by conventional means in MC) so there are some rules that shall take effect, as listed here:

1. Power-Gaming will be allowed to take place if you either:
A. Win a battle over your opponent
B. It is mutual between the two players
C. You are a being of incredible power. IE:Grantis / Sages / Ascended

2. Failure to follow these rules may result in:
A. A temporary ban.
B. A muting.
C. An undo of the RP events that have taken place.

3. Power-Gaming however must have some limits, as listed here:
A. You may not play out actions that may be theoretically impossible (IE: Creating a rip in the time-space continuum using your bare hands, etc.) unless if you are a being of incredible power. (See 1C)
B. You may only play out actions improbable if it is agreed upon by the majority of the members of the Rping party and approval of a staff member. (IE:Crashing a airship into a tower, destroying it. This does not come into affect if 1C applies)
C. You also may not take an action for which there is a conventional way in the MC world to accomplish it. (IE: Summoning lightning, there is a spell for this.)


A. Before doing so he must have support of another staff member

Also remember, these are the text-book rules, but this does not come close to the spirit of Power-Gaming.

NO DIGGING YOUR WAY UP MT. SKY! It is meant to be climbed and be a challenge, digging removes that challenge.

Use OOC or (()) to differentiate RP chat from OOC chat, while in Local Chat.

If you read the rule before this, add the word "Lions Gate" into your RP example or display the use of OOC in your RP example to get accepted. (displaying the use of OOC is optional, the use of Lionsgate is not. It's a check for if you read the rules)

Keep Cursing to a minimum. NO CURSING IN OOC

You need a legitimate RP reason to attack another faction.

More Rules IG


In The Realm of Gwomath server there is a 5 offense system.

First offense is a warning.
Second offense is mute
Third offense is a kick
Fourth offense is a temp ban
Fifth offense expulsion from the server.

1. Respect
Respect of Officers (Higher Ranks):
- No talking down to officers.
- Come when officers invite, message the officer if you cant.
- Follow officers orders.

Respect of other Members:
- No disrespect.
- No trash talking.

Respect of other Clans/Communities/servers:
- No disrespect.
- No trash talking.

2. Treason:
If you are Accused:
- There will be a court date and you will be appointed a lawyer
and the accusation will be investigated if you are found guilty
you will be black listed.

If you are Accusing:
- You must have solid evidence otherwise you will be punished
for false accusations.

3. Impersonating an Officer (Higher Rank):
Instant expulsion from the server, this will not be tolerated.

4. The Realm of Gwomath dose not support and will not tolerate:
Any and all illegal activities on and off the server.

5. Racism:
- You may joke but no intentions of insult.

6. NO following Jokes:
- NO Rape joke
- NO family jokes [Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandparents]

7. NO Poaching:
- You may not recruit from other clans/communities/servers for the purpose of
destroying their clan/community/server.
- You may recruit from other clans/communities otherwise.
















Magic Tiers

Apprentice: 0-5000

Mage: 5000-10000 5 Spells Perm known (not including List)

Minor Sage: 7500-10000

Sage: 10000-12500

High Sage: 12500+

Magic Branches






Shadow (Sub branch of Dark. Must have T2 of Dark available)



The Classes are based on Power-level and dictate the kinds of spells one can learn and use.

You must pass a trial to become a Minor Sage, but to become a Mage, you must know a certain

amount of spells permanently (and pass a small trial).


Donator Perks

Tier I:
$0.01 - $4.99
- Name on donation page of website
Tier II
$5.00 - $9.99
- Trial Pass for one spell (useable on the perm spell)
- Name on donation page of website
Tier III:
$10 - $24.99
- Donator Colour
- Small Donator Island
- Name on donation page of website
- Donator Shop for $15+
Tier IV:
$25.00 - $49.99
- Donator Colour
- Medium Donator Island
- Name on donation page of website

- No Spell Cooldown
Tier V:
$50.00 - $74.99
- Donator Colour
- Scroll cost decrease of 25%
- Large Donaotor Island
- Name on donation page of website
Tier VI:
$75.00 - $99.99
- Donator Colour
- Medium Undersea Donator Dome
- Single Rage Pass (one a month)
- Scroll cost decrease of 25%
- Name on donation page of website
Tier VII:
$100.00 - $149.99
- Flight Spell (No Command due to certain permissions)
- Donator Colour
- Perm cost decrease of 25%
- Scroll cost decrease of 25%
- Private Large Undersea Donator Dome
- Double Rage Pass
- Name on MAIN page of website
Tier VIII:
$150.00 - $199.99
- Flight Spell (No Command due to certain permissions)
- One week Temporary Over Powered Player (Review needed by Owner)
- Name on MAIN page of website
Tier IX:
$200.00 - $249.99
- Name on MAIN page of website
- Perm cost decrease of 50%
- Scroll cost decrease by 50%
- Triple Rage pass
Tier X:


To all the builders: jahw, dranovak, ljol3, incorruptable, tmoney1325, Crazyfedora, and more!

To tmoney1324, jahw, and incorruptable for hosting while building

To incorruptable for leading and coordinating. To jahw/theultrapixel for making the skins.

And to everyone who joins! The more who join, the more amazing this will be!!!

If you get into an important position in the server (such as a regional leader or army commander), theultrapixel may make you a somewhat customized skin for your person if you PM him through this server.






Senior Admins:









Thanks to:

Intense_Toxicity (early builder)
ljol3 (Builder)
Rockpup5 (Builder)
VincentSteel (Mt. Sky construction)


Additional Notes

The Realm of Gwomath!

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