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Red Nova MIneCraft | Organized PvP | McMMO/Towny/iConomy

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Level 5 : Apprentice Miner

Server Info : RID 1055998

Red Nova MIneCraft | Organized PvP | McMMO/Towny/iConomy
Status: Offline Pinged: 11/20/13
Game Version:Minecraft 1.2.5
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Red Nova MineCraft

RNMC has many features that make it appealing to the PvP player, the PvE player, or a combination of the two. Our server runs with as little lag as possible. If lag gets to be a problem we will remove non-essential plugins, but we don't think that that'll be happening anytime soon. We also have a website that is currently being remodeled, a YouTube that is frequently updated, and a Twitter that is updated daily.


The PvP system on RNMC is different from other servers. Instead of having hardcore PvP or none at all we have an organized PvP arena. Compete in the arena to earn your spot on the leaderboard. (Note: for the match to count on the leaderboard a staff member must spectate the match.) PvP is allowed outside of the arena, but only if both participants agree. Failure to comply to this rule (or any other) will result in a warning, an in-game fine, or a ban.


At RNMC we try to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. We have various plugins installed (explained below) to increase your experience, but also many to keep your items protected, such as SafeCreeper (explosions off), SecureChests (allows you to lock your chests, dispensers, furnaces, jukeboxes, etc.), WorldGuard (protects our spawns), and Towny (keeps people that aren't part of your town from destroying your town). It also 100% free build in our all-survival world (except for the spawn area) and events are hosted regularly. In the future we may add an NPC system, you could get a statue of yourself to be put in the spawn if you do well in events!


Towny allows you to create a town for $25,000 in-game money. As you invite more people to your town you earn more space for the town. The claimed areas are protected from various things. You can toggle mob-spawning on or off, you regenerate while in your town regardless of food level, you have a town spawn, and people who aren't members of your town can't place or destroy blocks.


McMMO allows someone to level up various skills by using that skill more frequently. Certain skills also allow you to activate special abilities that reset every 240 seconds. While using these abilities the skill is vastly improved. For instance while Mining you can activate "Super Breaker" this allows you to destroy any block instantly for a few seconds. McMMO also adds new features to previously inferior weapons. For example, Unarmed will increase the damage of your fists up to the strength of a diamond sword at max level!

iConomy and McJobs

iConomy allows you to buy and sell items for in-game money. Have lots of iron, but need some diamonds? You can sell the iron and buy your diamonds now! McJobs allows you to earn more money as well, you can choose up to four jobs, each job pays you to do different things. Building your house? Earn money just for placing blocks!

Other Info
- Custom Spawn
- Donator Packages Coming Soon!
- Frequent Twitter Updates
- Staff Openings
- Friendly Staff
- Frequently Updated YouTube
- Website under remodeling
- Ant-Griefing

Update #1 : 07/11/2012 10:22:43 pm7/11/12

We just added Mob Arena and a more advanced PvP Arena!

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The server is experiencing difficulties. We shall be back up soon.
We are getting more and more regular players! Come and join!
It is a really fun server! Me and x3ternalHavocX are trying to make it the best for everyone.
We now have Mob Arena and a more advanced PvP Arena!

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