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avatar Sanctuary
Level 1 : New Miner
Status Online! Pinged: 08/21/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
Connect With
**Update 8/13/19** Hey folks! The server has yet another new IP address...I know this is getting old, but I can't control the fact that the ISP I use kinda sucks...
And now that the unpleasantness is out of the way....

Welcome...to the Sanctuary!

A place where you can feel safe. A place to let your imagination run free. A place to call home...

Looking for a more worry-free Minecraft experience? Want to build without fear of random explosions, fire, or player grief destroying your hard work?

Come stake your claim in the Sanctuary! Press a button to start in a random location! Only the most basic of plugins are available here. EssentialsX, Autorank, and GriefPrevention are the main plugins in play, keeping this as close to vanilla as possible, while taking away some of the heart-stopping stress related aspects of playing this game.

Each rank you gain adds a new home you can set, as well as more blocks you can claim and protect.

Join us! Come play, hang out, help out, etc. The more, the merrier! We are an all ages server, so please be respectful at all times!

The Sanctuary awaits!

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : 08/14/2019 3:56:40 amAug 14th

The server has yet another new IP address...I swear I will do my best to keep it the same for a little longer this time. :)
You can connect using

2 replies

08/01/2019 5:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Sigh... Is there a magical neon sign that says "Please mess with this guy and trash his server and stress the owner out!!!" every time I list my server? I change the name, reset the map, pare down the plugins, and list on different sites, but they still find me... WHAT THE HECK.... Quit it already! There has to be a way to report these jerks... because I feel like 'they' have a way of communicating to each other which servers to terrorize... So many toxic players... Who raised these kids???
08/01/2019 3:27 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey folks! Just wanted to let everyone that is thinking about checking out the server know that I really must insist that you read the /rules and FOLLOW them. There aren't many of them, and they don't require much from you.

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