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Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Status Offline Pinged: 11/03/21
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java
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We were once under the umbrella of mc.shadowblox.com a server that spanned almost 3 years. However with people losing interest and the eventual server explosion which resulted in all the management team to pack their bags and leave, the server was finished.

However there were still a few people that still had a passion and drive to not only keep the players and friends that were made, but also came together to create a new server to keep the community alive. This is were ShadowNova stepped in.

Just a note: If there are any old ShadowBlox players reading this, we're still the community you remember, we're steadily growing with the new players and we urge our old players to come and reunite with us. We also call on any new players that wish to have a friendly community and server to call home. Come check out our server and see if it has what your expectations require.

ShadowNova Staff

Duel Ownership

Two highly experienced Administrators

Two dedicated Plugin Developers

A committed Website Developer

Plus 20 additional Staff Members


We are currently running a 4 proxy server and those servers are Creative, Survival, Conflict, and Arcade.


Plot World - 128x128 size plots

Flatlands - A giant flat world that can you can use to build anything you can imagine

Freebuild - A creative world but with the feature of Normal Survival terrain.


Friendly co-op Survival server, where players can join up to mine, hunt, and build while keeping an eye out for the nasty mobs that swarm the world at night. Included is MCMMO and QuickShop with Economy allowing you to rank up on your character's abilities and buying or selling of items you require on your adventure.

Conflict Server

Unlike our friendly Survival Server, this is the place to test your martial prowess, claim infamy and fame in equal measure against your friends and other players. A survival, PvP, Factions Server. Hold dominion over your enemies and fight the good fight in the name of ShadowNova.

Arcade Server

Dubbed Minigames, this server allows players access to PvP, Spleef, up to Hide n' Seek and Annihilation. Multitudes of games to keep any player happy and more coming in the store.


We have our basic "Vote up" ranking system however we also have a Donation system that allows players access to specific and technical commands. One such popular command is Worldedit but there is even more commands available, depending on which Donation rank you choose.

Baron Rank

Lord Rank

Emperor Rank

More information can be gathered here.


Our official website can be found at shadownovamc.net/ come along and join us. If you have any issues or queries please contact our Website Manager and he'll be happy to help you.


Our official Teamspeak server can be reached via: shadow.novauk.eu If you have never used Teamspeak before and you would like to try it then please read this for a very detailed description on how to work the program.

Additional Notes

We are the continuation of the old Minecraft Server ShadowBlox.

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Update #1 : by ShadowNovaMC 01/08/2014 3:08:06 pmJan 8th, 2014

Created the server PMC page.

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07/10/2014 10:02 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
angelfire009 avatar
I loved this server i have been with it from the start but will i still have my rank? i was angelfire008 rank:Baron. my friend was also on here Legomanbob14 he was rank: Lord if it was possible to get our ranks back that could be great 
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