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Skittles Server

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Server Info : RID 2043721

Skittles Server
Status: Offline Pinged: 07/24/16
United Kingdom
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5
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Skittles Server

IP: Skittles-Server.net

Website: Skittles-Server.co.uk/


1. Info

2. Rules

3. Staff

4. Survival

5. SkyBlock

6. Creative

7. Photos

8. Server Future And Donations


Skittles Server is a server launched in mid 2012 by Day1nDay0ut and Sni_In_A_Box. It is run with CreeperHost.net and has 4GB of RAM run on one of the fastest internet connections in the world (tested by SpeedTest.net). We are on the server very often and are always looking for new and interested players to join the Skittles Community!


1. No Griefing

2. No Chat Spam

3. No Hacks or (Excluding Some) Mods

4. Don't Beg Staff For Items All The Time (Or Staff Positions)

5. At Least Try To Have Fun

For A Detailed List Of The Server Rules, Visit skittles-server.co.uk/rules/



Day1nDay0ut [Owner/Designer]

Sni_In_A_Box [Owner/Founder]

Secondary Staff:

Shalovelo [Developer]

Jaa_MC [Assistant]

Recruited Staff:

jakebeast13 [Admin]

Matrixhunter [Mod]

Xx0PTiC_Gh0STxX [Mod]


The server has always had a survival world, and it was the main world since we launched the server. The Survival world has warps allowing a player to get out of the area around spawn, to stop you having to walk miles to find a place to build. The map was reset once, not long after the official opening but it will not be for a long time now.


Recently we got a SkyBlock plugin that allows our players to play SkyBlock with their friends (or by themselves) on the Server. We allow up to 5 players on an island and all SkyBlock commands are used with '/island' or '/skyblock'. There is a board in Spawn explaining this but feel free to ask staff if there is any issues.


A VERY new addition to the server, we use a plot plugin to allow our players to play creative safely without having to worry about having any builds ruined. All plots as 50x50 and cost $300 (In Game). This allows anyone to buy a plot when they join, but they must save to be able to afford any more! All the creative commands are activated with '/plotme' but the world can be accessed from Spawn.


To View Pictures Of Our Server, Go To skittles-server.co.uk/ and view the photos on our homepage or visit skittles-server.co.uk/apps/photos to view extra photos!

Server Future and Donations

We currently run the server from a VPS by CreeperHost, however we soon hope to save for a dedicated server, also run by CreeperHost. This would give us more RAM, meaning less lag, more worlds (Such as Survival Games) and even the possibility to run a FTB server along with it. However we expect this to cost in the range of £200 to £300 and this is a lot. The Main Server Staff (Day1nDay0ut, Sni_In_A_Box, Jaa_MC and Shalovelo) would all be able to contribute enough money to reach £200, which means all we need from our players is £100 and we believe this is possible.

We have a range of rewards for players in our store so please help the server atskittles-server.co.uk/apps/webstore/ or skittles-server.co.uk/apps/donations/. You can also send inquiries to [email protected] if you wish to donate directly.

Thank You For Reading And We Hope To See You On The Server!

- Skittles Server

Additional Notes

Skittles Server was launched in mid 2012 by Day1nDay0ut and Sni_In_A_Box. It is a fun server for all types of Players With Survival, SkyBlock and Creative worlds!

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Love This Server ♥ Although there is nothing in the Nether I think it need to be reset♥
This server need more players :D Such a fun server
  • rossco5378
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • April 5, 2013, 10:32 am
love this server you should join it
great server i would join, nice staff and friendly players :)

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