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Stone Cold Prison [1.4.5] [PvP] [Ranks] [Money] [Fun] [Prison Server]

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Level 10 : Journeyman Warrior

Server Info : RID 1559814

Stone Cold Prison [1.4.5] [PvP] [Ranks] [Money] [Fun] [Prison Server]
Status: Offline Pinged: 12/07/13
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.4
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The Forum Post is were you will find all the information, Check there for updated rules and info!



Stone Cold Prison


Version: 1.4.4

Owner: Lebron6509

General Info:

This is a prison server. A prison server is a server in which you earn money and rank up. You earn money through performing various jobs. These jobs can be stone mining, log mining, animal farming, etc. Then you can sell the items you get to make money. You can use this money to rank up, or buy other items. There are better jobs in the higher ranks.

Prisoner Ranks:

Cost: No Cost, Default Rank
This rank is the starting rank. Everyone starts here, this is where you will experience a true prison feel. This block has jobs such as, stone mining, log mining, and fishing. The stone mine only consists of stone, iron ore, coal ore. The log mine consists of logs and leaves. You can sell these items, and use the money to either rank up or buy other items. If you collect enough money you can rank up to B-Block.

Cost: $20,000
This is the second block, in the prison. Here the jobs are a sandstone mine, log mine, a chicken farm, a suger cane farm, and more fishing. It is easier to make money here and there is less pvp. The guarding is less too.

Cost: $50,000
This is the third block in the prison. This block has low pvp, and good jobs. You get a netherrack mine, a log mine, a pig farm, and a pumpkin farm. Here things like iron and gold sell for more. There is also low pvp and not many guards. (Hint: half of the stuff is a the end of sewer systems!!!), look into the water!

Cost: $95,000
This is the last block in prison before freedom!!! Here there are the best jobs. There is a clay mine, a log mine, mob farm, a cow farm, and a melon farm. There is also no pvp in the whole block!

Cost: $195,000
Congrats, you made it to freedom!!!! There are no more prison ranks, this is the last rank. Free people can do what ever they want. They can go into the free world or visit the prison when ever they want.

Cost: $300,000
This is the second rank in the free tier, as this rank you have a special mine, and log mine. You also get a special PvP arena!!!

Staff Ranks:

Requirements: 1 week on the server, be atleast B-Block, and pass the guard test.
This is the first rank in the guard tier, as this rank you access the C and B Block. You must always have Chainmail armor on. As a guard you can only be guarding and not mining or being a prisoner.

Requirements: 1 week as the RookieGuard rank, and you must be atleast elite rank.
This is the second rank in the Guard Tier. Now you have access to A-Block and Elite. You are more trusted that you can stop riots.

Requirements: 1 week as the Guard rank. You must be Free. Be trusted by a topwarden.
This is the last rank in the Guard Tier. As this rank you have access to all the blocks and free. You are highly trusted as this rank.

Requirements: 2 weeks on the server, and answer some chatmod questions.
This is the first rank in the Mod Tier, you must moderate the chat and give people warnings, for swearing, caps, spam, disrespect towards prisoners and staff.

Requirements: 1 week as the ChatMod Rank. Be trusted.
This is the second rank in the Mod Tier. As this rank you not only need to watch the chat, but you also need to be guarding.

Requirements: 2 weeks as the Mod Rank. You are HIGHLY trusted in the prison.
This is the last rank in the Mod tier. You are highly trusted by the owner and co-owner as this rank. You must guard, moderate the chat, and assist Wardens.

Requirements: Be a TopMod for atleast a month, and you highly trusted by the owner.
This is the highest obtainable rank by a prisoner. This is rank is almost impossible to get. You pretty much run the server.

This rank is unobtainable by a prisoner. This rank is only for the co-owners and owners.

Prison Rules:

Breaking one of these rules results in a Jail or further punishments.

1. No PvP camping

2. No Safezoning

3. PvP abuse

4. Not giving up a Contraband Items (swords, bows, fire charges, flint and steal, arrows, splash potions, lava bucket).

5. No Sword Bombing (filling an inventory with swords and getting kill by a guard).

6. Making a mine trap

7. Pushing someone, with water, or yourself

*****Go To the Minecraft Forum Thread for more info and more updated info!*****


Additional Notes

This is a prison server, in which you earn money to rank up or buy items. You can buy your way out of the prison but its not easy. This is a fun prison with some cool twists!

Update #10 : 11/26/2012 8:15:13 pm11/26/12

- Added a new plugin: Lottery
- Changed death messages

Update #11 : 11/26/2012 1:20:15 am11/26/12

- Changed some of the Donor Benefits (look at the forum post for more info)

Update #9 : 11/25/2012 2:06:40 pm11/25/12

- Fixed Mob Arena

Update #8 : 11/21/2012 2:18:00 am11/21/12

- Updated to 1.4.5

Update #7 : 11/19/2012 8:25:22 pm11/19/12

- Added 2 new fighting arena maps: HotSand, and Shipment.

Update #6 : 11/17/2012 2:39:02 am11/17/12

- Added a small "present" to the A-Block Furnace Room ;)

Update #5 : 11/11/2012 3:38:42 pm11/11/12

- Added a new plugin: BuyCraft
- Added C Block Cells

Update #4 : 11/09/2012 2:19:56 am11/09/12

- Added a new screen shot of the courtyard
- Added a new screen shot of noble free
- Added a new screen shot of the rank information room

Update #3 : 11/09/2012 2:14:47 am11/09/12

- finished noble-free mines

Update #2 : 10/28/2012 6:35:10 pm10/28/12

- Updated to 1.4.2

Update #1 : 10/28/2012 12:58:25 pm10/28/12

- Adding a fighting arena
- Added new rank - Noble-Free

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  • xXfgyffXx
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • December 19, 2012, 12:33 pm
Can you unban me now?
  • xXfgyffXx
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • November 18, 2012, 5:29 pm
Can you please unban me, i got banned for using Nodus but I just forgot to disable it, I didn't use it for anything other than derping
  • lebr0n6509
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Warrior
  • November 19, 2012, 10:44 am
read the rules dude, "NO HACKED CLIENTS!"
  • JellyLord1234
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Skinner
  • November 13, 2012, 9:31 pm
IGN: jellyjamer
applying for Head-Admin Or Regular admin
location: Brisbane Australia
i have experience being an owner of my own server and a friends also
being a head admin and normal admin on a couple of servers also been Vip and Super Vip on 13 servers also very good at advertisment.
I wish to be head admin or regular admin because i am very keen to help
look after a server and help it be very sucsesfull also this would give
me a reason to create a new series on youtube about a server and help
leading it.
skype name: xxragezzxx
  • lebr0n6509
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Warrior
  • November 15, 2012, 1:41 pm
please go the forum and read the guard application there and apply agian on the forum thread
Here is pwnings!! i48.tinypic.com/2d9p7xg.png

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