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The Arcane Society

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avatar Arcane_Bunny
Level 13 : Journeyman Artist
The Arcane Society
Status Online! Pinged: 01/25/20
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15
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Server is still in BETA! Consider joining our Discord while we grow the community!

Featuring a lovely community, a relaxing/chill survival experience; which can be as simple or complex as you make it.

Community Pages!
So... What's the deal?
Below are features that we offer!
  • Survival - Regular, and just the way it was when you built your first dirt home all those years ago!

  • Minimal Plugins - To be honest, we're tired of lazy servers. Run by the same plugins, same things to do, same everything. We're bringing it back to the roots. This server offers everything a heavily modified server offers, but we do it with class. No plugin, all people, all effort. This offers player versatility, and the chance to do quite literally anything they want.

  • Quests - What we call dynamic quests. These are handmade stories (made by volunteers, read below for info!), which prove to be very difficult. No B.S here, a quest is server wide and can be punishing. When a quest is completed, said player(s) who completed it push the entire servers story forward. Unlock new features, go down in server history forever, and of course... get rewarded!

  • Lore - This server also features a very deep story, one that can't be looked up. Remember the days when you played Runescape and didn't know how anything worked? Remember how there was no website that had all the answers? That's what you'll find here. Clues are scattered across the world; and YOU can be the one to uncover them. All of what we know, is uncovered by players. Find a dungeon? Delve it, to learn something brand new; and teach others what you find.

  • Dungeons - Handmade super-powered dungeons are the end game. Only for the hardcore players. These dungeons feature limited inventory, a cash reward, exclusive dungeon gear, high difficulty... the works.

  • Organic Ruins - Players can report other player made structures they believe are vacant or unused. Said structures will then begin to rot, rotting structures become overgrown, and break down overtime! The items left over become scattered, for the next player to find! Reporting a building grants a cash reward.

  • Player Run Towns - All towns in this server are run by players, and built in survival. Towns which become big enough are able to become an official town! These towns choose between two separate factions, either becoming an industrious town, or a religious town. These towns become part of the server story/lore!

  • Economy - This server features a credit system which is used for a variety of things. You can trade credits with players for gear, items... anything they offer! Credits can be spent on entering dungeons, or used on Quests; and biggest of all... Credits ARE your grief protection. Should your property be destroyed, you incur a credit amount which has to be payed in order to have it instantly repaired. If you can't afford the repair cost, you can get a bill. Which allows you infinite time to gain the credits needed. Players do not need to use economy, if they prefer hand fixing everything that is always an option. There are no chest shops, players are encouraged to trade goods between themselves and form authentic bonds. Not ones with a chest.

  • Ranks - We offer a ranking system that rewards players who, well... PLAY! Each rank is used as a show for status and achievement. Nothing more! Players who continue to achieve greatness are rewarded with special prefixes and suffixes. An example... if a player named Bill Nye completed many quests in their day. They can get a suffix to make their new name Bill Nye the hero, or a prefix like [​Hero] Bill Nye

  • Seamless World Updating - Let's be honest, server wipes suck, and are extremely lazy. We offer the opposite. If you spend a ton of time building, you can sleep easy knowing we announce on Discord and Instagram when the world is being upgraded. Then you have until the NEXT update to request a home/village/whatever being moved. Here's an example, if you build a ton of stuff in Minecraft 1.13; and 1.14 rolls out. The 1.13 world is kept as a secret warp for admins, if you request your house to be moved, we will go to the coordinates, check that it's yours, and copy it into the new world so you never lose your progress! The 1.13 world would be kept until 1.15 comes out, then it is moved offline and the 1.14 world becomes the back up for players to request homes from.

  • Events - As the server grows, we'll begin offering competitions by the week! These can range from gaining a certain amount of materials in a week, to building competitions! The player who wins is rewarded, and has their creation added to spawn!

  • Curated - This server has very lenient rules, because we feel the most fun is had when everyone is in a relaxing situation. However this server IS curated by staff.

  • Unlimited Building - We don't like pesky world borders. You want to know what we're set at? 30 million by 30 million. Have fun!

  • Volunteering - We don't have a staff, just players who want to help expand the server into its full glory! After playing a bit and getting to know the community, you can join as a volunteer too!

Planned features...
We need all the help we can get!

Space exploration - Build a ship and travel to new planets. Each planet features its own unique play style! Go from basic survival to something like Day-Z!

Shipyard - Build a personal craft, or a capital ship to house all your friends! Each ship acts like a private ungriefable hub

Capital Supremacy - Like good ol' Star Wars, fight a ground war and invade the enemy's capital ship to finish them off. These require quite a few players but will bring massive rewards

Planets - Each one plays different.

Current universe size is 45.9GB!
CreditTo all of our awesome players in the community!

7 Update Logs

January 14th, 2020 Change Log : 01/15/2020 12:27:19 amJan 15th

🎉Restarting Ads!

+ Added world specific creative mode for volunteers
+ Added warp to creative world for volunteers
+ Added warp to new planet for volunteers
+ Added World Edit to volunteers on creative map (via /warp)
+ Added the commands /discord linkand /discord unlink to automatically assign you your Discord roles and name!
This feature will be expanded upon in the future
+ Added the command /discord linked to check if your accounts are linked; and to which Discord it is linked to in case you need to switch it up one day
+ Updated general player commands and stability
+ Updated server to chat logging
+ Updated Shopkeepers plugin
+ Updated McMMO for stability and ability workings
+ Updated custom recipe systems
+ Updated customization root
+ Modified Tab list a bit more to accommodate the future ships

~ Modified PMC page
~ Modified mob spawning in Toledo
~ Fixed bug which prevented volunteers from leaving the new planet
~ Fixed bug which prevented volunteers from being able to build on the new planet

- Removed all voting sites except PMC
- Removed Phoenix Project plugin (incompatible with 1.15)
- Lowered player view distance
- Changed Hopper Timings

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