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The Belfry Crusade.

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The Belfry Crusade.
Status Online! Pinged: 08/16/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java 1.18.2
All Zee Buddies Server
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Welcome to Belfry Crusade, a Minecraft server based primarily on Roleplay, but with free reign of survival to build your own path. Character progression and most anything you need can be obtained through roleplay if you have no interest in survival. This is a freeform system with a basic grounding on a bit of lore. This means that as long as you do your best to stay within the theme of the server, you can can do nearly anything you'd like. From becoming a powerful necromancer to journalism that could shape the politics of the land, the country of Orus and town of Draynor is your tool to tell your story.

A standard D&D based setting of medieval/fantasy.

The player spawns at the entrance of Draynor, a town in the heartlands of our country Orus. It's an up-and-coming town based around agriculture and light trading, but was originally built for the settlers seeking protection of the looming fortress nearby.

Caer Gwailen Mellet, one of the larger Hunter keeps, looms over the town of Draynor. Access is heavily regulated and is only for certified personnel.


  • Use common sense & respect the community.
  • We only accept players at the age of 15 or higher, and by playing, you consent to be possibly exposed to things such as violence, swearing, drug use and other graphic content.
  • Please act according to your character and try to stick to the setting & time period as best as possible
  • Do not destroy builds (or landscapes) without purpose - If you wish to destroy small parts of builds in character, please do minimal damage & leave a sign stating what has been broken.
  • No inappropriate builds.
  • No Metagaming (Use of knowledge gained out of character)
  • No Powergaming (Emoting actions on Behalf of another)
  • No ERP or sexually explicit roleplaying.
  • Rape and sexual encounters that include characters under the age of 18 are prohibited.
  • Characters must have a limited amount of skills.
  • Characters must have weaknesses to make up for skills.
  • Combat must be agreed upon before started- whether it is- basic roleplay, roll-based, or PvP-based combat
To make sure there's at least a small barrier to entry, like all Roleplay servers, there is a Whitelisting system to gain access to survival/building/breaking blocks. Otherwise, players will be put into a standard Graylist. This means you'll only have access to roleplay/chat until you submit an application on our Discord and eventually Forums.
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Discord is vital to planning out and organizing roleplay experiences, talking to the community, feedback, and character discussion!

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