The Volakiar Project

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The Volakiar Project
Status Online! Pinged: 10/29/20
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Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.16.3
The Volakiar Project
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Welcome, to The Volakiar Project-

The Project - The Volakiar Project is a social experiment whilst also striving to create a unique Minecraft experience. The philosophical side and the project's goal, is to attempt at making a Minecraft environment that resembles reality closer than any other survival server, whilst keeping the experience and joy of base Minecraft. The social experiment comes into play as to how the players of this world interact, will it become a anarchical wasteland, factions and clans, nations and empires, or something even more unique? Those are the goals of the Project - Creating a world within the joy of survival Minecraft, whilst emulating reality to an extent, allowing only one life, as to grant stakes and a sort of meaning to the world, then filling it with players, and viewing how they interact with eachother and the world.

The Server - The Minecraft server is set to 1.16.3 and will not be changing, the server is equipped with a few plugins for the experience, including:
Thirst Plugin - Vivaldi4Seasons - VolakiarReality, a custom plugin developed for the server, which enables more realistic interaction with the world.
The Server will run for a year after its release day, then it will be decided whether another year is necessary or desired.

The World - The world is custom made for Volakiar, in WorldPainter, with credits to Mythix13 for custom trees. It features all biomes in 1.16, all fauna & wildlife, with custom resource placements. Therefore, Iron will be found exclusively under mountains, Redstone will be found under specific plains regions, Lapis will be found exclusively under specific islands off the main continent, Gold will be found mostly under mountains and mesa biomes on a specific continent, Coal will be found in large 'clumps' in certain regions, including oceans and some mountains, Diamonds will be found under specific spots near river mouths, lakes, or river forks to incentivize settlements, & Emeralds will be found under some mountains, and in huge amounts under a specific mountain. The world is purposely made smaller, to force players to interact, whilst large enough for large populations, the map is -----15k wide & 7k tall-

-If this sounds interesting join our discord here: The Discord

We are looking for 150 players to participate in the Project as players, we will allow accepted applicants into the server after this amount has been reached, or if we do not reach 150, by 2021.

In order to try and keep players from 'having second lifes', we require an application to be a player in the Project, which can be found at the discord or here: Participation Application

You don't have to participate in the server to join the discord btw

I sincerely thank you for viewing and hope you participate in the project, its going to be a unique experience!

<3 Jess
Creditmythix13 , worldpainter , takacick & Lumeni

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