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Level 13 : Journeyman Crafter

Server Info : RID 695438

Status: Offline Pinged: 11/20/17
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.8
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NOTICE: Due to lack of staff, we are staying whitelisted. We are not looking for staff and we are staying a small community. If you wish to join, please send me a PM for consideration. A response is not guaranteed as we are not currently recruiting new players atm. :(


This server was designed to have a little bit of many things. There is very limited free build, where only a few items are provided for free, thus not fully defeating the purpose of mining and crafting. We offer a more relaxed setting protecting your inventory from loss. Tired of creepers exploding behind you and your inventory? No worries! You won't drop your stuff upon death. That pool of lava won't eat your items either! However, death won't be taken advantage of as 1% of your balance is deducted every time you die (only in the economy maps with the exception of the skylands). There are many games to play on the server as well with the possibility of adding more games. We have a skylands map which doesnt turn dark and has no monsters, rain, or snow for those players who prefer not to deal with them. There are monsters in the main world map, but not in major town areas. Want to learn how to use some plugins? We provide tutorials on the main map that will help you protect your chests, set up new games against other players, and more! The only thing missing is a community so come join us and make a new community within Themecraft!


-Lockette: Use lockette to protect your goodies. The quickest way to do so is to right click a chest with a sign in your hand. We are not responsible for stolen goods out of unprotected chests but we will still punish those who steal!

-WorldGuard: We take protection seriously here. Choose a region (any reasonable size) and we will modify your building ground to only be edited by you and any players of your choice. The server is also bombproof and fireproof.

-WorldEdit: A server isn't complete without this. If you would like to move your house and/or creation elsewhere, we can move it for you.

-BattleShip: Engage in battleship against other players. We have different size boards for those who prefer longer/shorter rounds. You can also battle against the server.

-MobArena: Battle against waves of different mobs and you can earn prizes based on how long you last!

-ChessCraft: Play against the server or other players on a giant sized chessboard!

-ColorMe: Change your name to any color you wish. Spice up that bland chat log.

-BorderGuard: Keeps the world from expanding 5,000 miles.

-AntiSpam: Keeps the chat log spam free.

-Creative: If an economy server is not your thing, we also have a creative map which has a seperate inventory to prevent cheating. This is the only map where Creative can be used.

-Vanilla: Our vanilla map is our most popular choice! Economy and Creative maps not your thing? Feel free to give our vanilla map a shot. Unlike the rest of the server, items will drop upon death. Some exceptions from being pure vanilla is no explosion damage, Lockette to secure chests, and region protection. Once you find a place to build your house, you will be given a region so you can set your home. However, homes are only used for respawning as the home command cannot be used from anywhere except spawn. Warping to spawn only works from home regions. No more getting out of tight situations out in the wild by warping home or to spawn. Other than that, it's pretty much single player.

*NEW* Mining World

To accompany our vanilla map is a unique mining map which changes from time to time. This is used to change things up a bit for some unlimited resources while staying vanilla and preventing the main vanilla map from running out of nearby resources.

There are plenty of other surprises on the server and over 40 plugins! Sign on today to see what else we have to offer!


Following the rules will make everyone's experience here at ThemeCraft more enjoyable. It will also help you earn permissions as you play. Please note that permissions earned can vary from player to player and the timeframe can vary as well. [Ex: Earn the ability to TP after X hours] Everything done on this server is monitored through logging plugins. [Ex: Building, breaking, commands, etc]

-Absolutely NO griefing!!!!

-Fly mod is the only mod permitted here and is only allowed in the economy and creative maps! X-Ray and other miscellaneous hacking clients are NOT permitted! For those who can't get a fly mod, we provide "Creative flying" commands for your convenience. Flying is not allowed in vanilla map!

-Do not build anything inappropriate! We know who is building what so don't bother.

-PVP: Don't kill other players without their consent! PVP is only ok if the player you're trying to attack approves. DON'T attack new, helpless players!!

-Respect others if you want respect earned. Rudeness will NOT be tolerated! "Please" and "Thank You" is much appreciated!

-Don't ask about promotions such as op, permissions, etc!

-Creative mode will NOT be given out. There is a difference between Freebuild and Creative. We have a seperate world for creative mode if you want to use it.

-No spamming, advertising, hacking, etc.

-Swearing and CAPS are ok, but don't overdo it.

-Please don't abuse bugs/glitches.

-Time/weather changes may not always be honored, especially in Vanilla!

-Feel free to ask for help but don't beg/pester people!

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse you a building permit if you have a bad history or if you just feel like trolling us. Failure to follow the rules can result in losing your building permit (temp or perm), or even a ban (temp or perm). Please note that if power is a higher priority to you, then this may not be the right server for you. We seek people who make fun a higher priority over power. Please take your power hungry requests elsewhere. What ever happened to simply having fun? Seriously!

Server IP: themecraft.mythicraft.com

Backup IP (In case host goes down): themecraft.servequake.com
(Doesn't guarantee 24 hour access)

Website: mythimecraft.enjin.com

Additional Notes

ThemeCraft. Where any building themes are welcome. We offer a more relaxed setting where players won't drop items or XP upon death. We offer a bunch of games & provide help when needed.
Credit:Credit is given within some projects made by other users

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  • Reztex
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • September 23, 2012, 5:01 am
Amazing server. Many great structures, towns, and places to explore. There is the regular world, creative world, skylands, and nether, all ready to be explored.
  • fisher19735
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Modder
  • June 15, 2012, 6:37 pm
why i want to be staff:i love helping people
its fun i am admin on 5 servers co owner on 2 mod on 2
vip on 1
and builder on 1
why you should trust me: i obey rules
lots of people on other servers trust me
what experiance do i have: a lot i have played minecraft for about a year and am a very experianced builder

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