UnPS-GAMA Minecraft Server

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UnPS-GAMA Minecraft Server
Status Offline Pinged: 12/19/14
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.3.1
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Everyone in a faction (including mods and admins) will be put into the Factions group for the length of their tenure of being in a faction. This does several things. For one, it prevents mods and admins from spawning stuff, or intentionally messing with other people's factions since they'll have the same permissions as everyone else in a faction. Another thing this does is it helps identify those who don't want to play in factions and those that do.

Griefing and destruction to any unprotected buildings or stuff (be it in factions or otherwise) is allowed (Ask for protection or hide your stuff really good).

Read the signs at spawn as they contain a lot of helpful information.

On occasion, we might change the world for a few days to play a custom map. During this time, regular gameplay will be paused and permissions will be disabled in lieu for the standard OP system that sucks.

Current server status:


Additional Notes

24/7 with pvp and griefing. Factions and the ability to opt out of factions.
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