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Veritas RP
Status Online! Pinged: 04/12/21
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.16.4
Enter the world of Veritas
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  After a century and half of Calamities, the land of Veritas is finally healing. The world is at your command. Roleplay as a humble farmer, venture into forgotten places, fight for the glory one of three great kingdoms and so much more. Your path is your own to forge; whether you wish to be a monster hunter seeking your fortune, a merchant traveling the length of the entire continent, or a priest entering a strange new religion. The world of Veritas awaits, how will you sway its course?

  The server is an Medieval Fantasy RP server that encourages player to be creative and live out their wildest dreams. Everything from barkeep to Emperor/Empress is at your finger tips. Work your way to any and all goals you can conjure. The world is yours to command. There will be PVP as well as PVE to suit any play style. The path you choose is yours to forge and will be unlike any experience you've had with RP servers before. Excited to see you there and welcome to the Veritas RP Family.

Join us on our Discord!: discord.gg/6Pg6VEX

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