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WarhammerCraft - The Unofficial Server

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WarhammerCraft - The Unofficial Server
Status Offline Pinged: 05/24/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java 1.12.2
Recreating the Old World, one block at a time!
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WarhammerCraft - The Unofficial Server Minecraft Server

WarhammerCraft uses the Conquest Reforged modpack, through which we can wield Conquest’s immense variety of block options to ensure that our world is as detailed as possible. Currently, the Duchy of Ubersreik and greater Province of Reikland are present on the map - Part 1 of a series of map chunks to be added over time. Already, the map is 12,800 x 6,000 blocks - approximately equivalent to 76 sq km of land - and that's just the first part!

Whether you’re a fan of Warhammer or just enjoy Minecraft, WarhammerCraft is open for all to explore!

For more information on the server please visit our website or directly head over to our forums.

How to join:

WarhammerCraft is committed to accurately building the Old World continent as depicted in the Warhammer Fantasy universe using Conquest Reforged. To connect you will need to download the Conquest Reforged modpack for CurseForge and then download the WarhammerCraft Overlay pack.

Once you have both Conquest Reforged and the WarhammerCraft Overlay Resource Pack, then you can connect to the server using the ip:


For a more detailed guide see https://warhammercraft.com/how-to-connect/

Connect with Us:

We're most active on our Forum and Discord! Come join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

WarhammerCraft Discord

WarhammerCraft Twitter

For more exciting content, check out:

Conquest Reforged


1 Update Logs

Update #1 - A New Beginning : by WarhammerCraft 03/02/2021 9:35:49 pmMar 2nd, 2021

Hey all! As stated on the downloadable release of our old map (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/warhammer-nordland-middenland-ostland-hochland-and-the-wasteland/), WarhammerCraft is changing its approach to rebuilding the Old World in Minecraft. We realised fairly quickly that we couldn't reach the detail we wanted for our map at it's previous scale - many builds were too close together, or had to disappear entirely to accomodate bigger/more important projects.

As such, we have begun anew in Reikland! Our first server build is Ubersreik, the famous (infamous) Empire town from the Vermintide games and seen in Total War I and II. To celebrate our new beginning, we have also updated our website and simplified our builder application process on our new forum. Now, you just need to register and copy/paste the application template with your answers to some short questions to apply!

To learn more info, please visit our website (https://warhammercraft.com/). If you have any questions, sign-up to ask on our forum or join our DIscord (see our website).

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