FALLOUT RP | 1.13.2 | Roleplay | Custom Coded | IN DEVELOPMENT

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FALLOUT RP | 1.13.2 | Roleplay | Custom Coded | IN DEVELOPMENT
Status Offline Pinged: 11/11/20
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As a preface, the update post for this is here

Hi. We'd like to welcome you all to the server. As a fore note we suggest you read the forums and join the discord here - as an introduction to our server:

"We as a server strive to provide a unique and captivating role play experience to offer to our community. Emphasising the fact that we wish to promote a dynamic atmosphere to the roleplay that is conducted on the server and allowing the players dictate the flow of the server - no railroading or dictating on how people wish to play the server. We offer out a multitude of ways to achieve a great experience for you, with an overarching fundamental premise on role play, unique plugins which allow people to enjoy other aspects of the server; whether that is nation building, levelling up professions or, PVE content."

The Server:
The Server is going to be a fallout-based RP server that will be a complete overhaul of vanilla minecraft; this will be make usage of a custom resource-pack alongside various custom plugins that will be exclusive to our server. The server has no planned release date currently, yet there will be a constant stream of updates available.

The Overhaul:
To name some of the content that shall be included in this overhaul of minecraft there will be:

> A unique souls plugin to have the ability to seamlessly control and create multiple characters.

> A profession system to provide substance and a backbone to custom crafting; this will include levelling and sub-types.

> Custom crafting with the use of custom-crafting stations to create a whole cohort of lore-friendly items you can find within your favourite Fallout Games

> A custom foraging experience that will allow you to hunt for fauna & other available flowers throughout the map that will contain regenerating nodes.

> Explore-able areas of the map that will include custom mobs, loot caches and more!

> A custom resource pack to make the experience seem all the more authentic.

> Custom guns and weapons that will all work different from the other with their own benefits and cons.

> An upgrade to the gathering system that will provide "runescape esque" regenerating ore/log nodes.

Lore and more information will be released on our website when it is done. Stay tuned, thanks!

Updates will be found HERE
Discord will be found HERE

01/19/2019 2:36 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Cool server, shame it has this convoluted application system that discourages casuals from getting involved. I reccomend having some in-game GUIs to serve as a replacement for your current system. Best of luck!
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