Withercraft!----> [pvp][bukkit][iconomy][survival]

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Level 1 : New Miner

Server Info : RID 1783809

Status: Offline Pinged: 11/17/13
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.4.6
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hello all!

this is a server made by ericnnn

the server is pvp,factions,and bukkit


1: dont grief

2: dont hack

3: dont be mean

4: be ethical

5: no stealing

6:dont abuse bugs/glitches

7:no nagging

8:dont disrespect admins

9:i like turtles

follow these rules and you wont get yourself banned!

jail is risked as well, if you grief(not bad of grief) or steal(not alot)

then you might get put in jail for about 1-2 days.

command help:



ew spaw!!!

Click to reveal
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image[/SPOILER]

jump tower/shops

Click to reveal
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image[/SPOILER]


Click to reveal
Posted Image

Posted Image[/SPOILER]

For Christmas Spirit

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Posted Image

hope you guys love!



hope you all enjoy my server!

thanks to you all,


new event:

holding a skydive/base jumping games for everyone in my server!!!!

join my server so you dont miss this exciting event!

Breaking news:

new world been started!

great new spawn

Staff applications:

How old are you:

how long do you play minecraft?

how long have you been playing on the server:

are you friends to any mods/ops?

what is your reason i should op/mod you?

extras etc.

Additional Notes

regular survival server, mcmmo,pvp, iconomy, great server hope you all enjoy it, and another notification follow rules shown below

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How [size=10pt]old are you: 13[/size]

[size=14px]How long do you play Minecraft: 3 years[/size]

[size=14px]I have been playing for some mins :D[/size]

[size=14px]What is Your reasion i should op/mod you? I am a experienced and Great staff i am allways happy im never unfair/mean i am helpfull ready to do all favors you need and i think about others before my self i am not a griefer im loyal/trustworthy im never a jerk/idiot [/size]

[size=14px]Extras ect... I really enjoy the server as long as i have been on i hope to see more as a moderator or a higher rank ( :[/size]

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