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World Conquest / Towny on a map of Earth 1.16+

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Level 24 : Expert Architect
World Conquest / Towny on a map of Earth 1.16+
Status Online! Pinged: 04/13/21
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.13.2
                [  World Conquest  ]        
   HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Start your country today!
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[ World Conquest ] 18000x12000 blocks map copy of Planet Earth. Find a Live Feed map of the world using /map. A Unique Towny experience that is highly customizable. Build Towns, make Nations and take part in weekly WORLD WARS or Dont. Chose to stay peaceful, make firends, build houses, farms and an economy in your own town! Welcome to World Conquest. Jobs, Crates, Free Ranks, Economy and more!!
Conquest Coins can now be earned by selling items at /warp market.
New shop added! Use /warp shop to access it!
ConquestMarket has arrived! Use you Conquest Coins at /warp conquestmarket to purchase crazy kits!
Check out the Minersdream kit. The Redstone Kit, the builder kit and more!
Crates are now working as intended, recieve keys by playing, voting and buy them for conquest coins.
Outposts are now available, anti-bot plugin setup, upgraded server for improved stability and ranks are now fully setup
World Conquest Update 2.1.0
- The Feature Update -
- You can now follow player progress at /warp leaderboards!
- The top players/nations/towns of each leaderboard will receive luxurious rewards at the end of EACH month!
- Compete against your peers and claim the prizes!
- If you have suggestions for additional leaderboards, DM Xiztence on Discord or make a forum post.
Iron Elevators - Simple elevators for your Builds!
- Place iron blocks in a vertical line. Max 14 blocks apart
- Go up a floor by jumping on the block, down by crouching.
Store your XP in a bottle and sell it!
- Use /xpbottle to see how much XP you currently have.
- Use /xpbottle amount, e.g /xpbottle 100, to turn your XP into a bottle.

Conquest Coins Revamped:
- Old Conquest Coins enchanted ones are no longer useable. Please exchange them by going to /warp exchange
- Get Conquest Coins by selling farming items at /warp market
- Use Conquest Coins to buy special items at /warp market
- Use Conquest Coins to buy special kits using /conquestkits
More updates coming tomorrow!
World Conquest Update 2.2.0
- The Gameplay Update -
Today I am adding spawners to the shop, new shop prices, playertime and more! Check it out!

Spawnershop has arrived!!
Use /warp spawners or /warp spawnershop to teleport to the spawnershop.
- Purchase spawners by right-clicking signs!
- Sell mobdrops at /warp shop for in-game cash!
- Trade mobdrops for Conquest Coins at /warp market!
- You are also able to pick up spawners using a Silk Touch pickaxe!
- More to come!
SECRET SPAWNER: Squid spawners can be occasionally found in /vote premium Crates! These are EXTREMELY VALUEABLE! Good luck!

- Use /playtime to check your playtime on the server!

Leaderboards Update
- Most residents leaderboard has been removed due to bugs.
- Added playtime leaderboards Monthly playtime

Minor Changes
- /t spawn now works properly in Spawn.
- Lapis sell price has been nerfed.
- Cactus sugarcane have been nerfed.
- Melon pumpkin have been buffed.
- Mob drops now sell for a higher price to make spawners more attractive.
- Mob drops are now tradeable for Conquest Coins at /warp market.
- Crate odds have been tweaked. Kits are now more rare, and Squid Spawner added to vote crate.
- Various server performance optimizations.

Whats next?
I have several more features planned including but not limited to:
- Mob arena
- Pvp arena
- More options for Conquest Coins such as the ability to purchase additional town blocks, more kits, custom commands such as fly within town borders.
- Additional tweaking of prices
- Blaze Spawners are now findable in the nether. Please use this with caution as they are no only 10,000 at /warp spawnershop. Prices in shop have also been lowered to balance the economy.

/Fly is now purchasable using /conquestmarket toggles fly
/nv is now purchasable using /conquestmarket toggles nightvision
/kit goldenblade is now purchasable using /conquestmarket Looting 5 Gold Sword
/kit Squidspawnerr is now purchaseable using /conquestmarket 1x Squid Spawner
Two Exclusive in-game name tags now available at /warp crates! Use mythical keys!
Plots have now been added and will be activated shortly!
Playershops have now been added!
Economy has been entirely revamped! 500 increase in prices and inflation.
Today I am implementing two massive new features! Read more down below!

Plot world
Player plots has arrived!! Use /warp plots or /warp plotworld to get started!
- Claim a plot in the plot world!
- Invite friends to your plot!
- Build shops in your plots!
- Bring items from Conquest world to build with!
- /Kit builder price lowered for those who want to get started fast!
- Use /plotstutorial for a quick tutorial on how to claim your plot and commands!
This. This is exciting. Lets see what you can do.
- Players can now create shops by placing down a chest, and punching it with the item they wish to sell!
- Shops are able to sell Enchanted Items, Conquest Coins, Keys and more! Everything is sellable!
- For a quick text tutorial on how to setup your shop use /playershops in-game!
Its up to you to decide the economy. Good luck!

Player Warps Coming tomorrow
I am working on implementing the ability to purchase WARPS.
Perfect for those who wish to open their own shop in the plotsworld.
- Purchase a custom warp with Conquest Coins!
Minor changes:
Two new exclusive tags in the Mythical Crate!
Price tweaking in /warp shop.
World Wars coming tomorrow!!
WORLD WAR BEGINS FRIDAY 20:00 CEST and will end on SUNDAY 20:00 CEST.
During war Nations fight each other. Towns without a nation are not included. Nations can also pay a daily Neutrality cost of 250 In-game cash to avoid taking part in the war /nation toggle neutral. Use /towny war hud to open a scoreboard which details points and properties of the townblock you are standing in. Use /towny war participants to see all participants in the war.
How to play: While war is in effect, each competing town has a health points property attached to it. Normal townblocks have an HP of 60 while Home Blocks have 120 points. A townblock loses HP by enemy-nation residents standing within the townblock. When a townblock has lost all HP and fallen the town which the attacker belongs to gains one townblock and points to their War Score.

When players are killed in a town where they are considered to be enemies in the war, they may be sent to the towns Jail. If the jail plot is attacked and has its HP reduced to 0, any prisoners-of-war imprisoned there will be let free in a jailbreak.

Only townblocks on the edge of the wilderness can be attacked first.

During this FIRST WORLD WAR the following blocks will be editable in warzones: TNT, Fences, Ladders, Doors and fire.
TNT will destroy blocks, however the blocks will regenerate after a period of time has passed. Storage containers are safe from TNT - This means blocks such as chests, shulkerboxes, droppers, hoppers etc.

Points in war given for the following:
A enemy killed: 2
A townblock stolen: 1
A town knocked out of the war: 10
A nation knocked out of the war: 100
When a war has ended you can read more about the results on our website at www.worldconquest.enjin.com/
Incremental Gamemode will also release soon!
Latest news:
Factions mode now has Crates, Auction House and more! Check it out!
New Dynmap on Factions with custom colors for your factions!
Mobs will now stack when spawned by spawners!
You can now withdraw money to paper notes using /withdraw!
BeastCore Added! Crop Mob Hoppers are now available in /kits!
You can now stack spawners for easy mob spawners!
Mob Arena added!

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02/21/2018 11:44 am
Level 23 : Expert Architect
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Does this by chance use the movecraft plugin?
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