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ZenonCraft [Classes] [PvP] [Spells][ Mobarena] [Minigames]

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Zenoncraft's pvp arena, cool terrain modified.

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Level 13 : Journeyman Farmer

Server Info : RID 1381886

ZenonCraft [Classes] [PvP] [Spells][ Mobarena] [Minigames]
Status: Offline Pinged: 11/16/13
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.3.1
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This is ZenonCraft!

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We need more players! come join us, the players who are here love it but its just the amount!


ZenonCraft is a server that revolves around PvP and more PvP, you choose a class and then go PvP or play in the mobarena or another minigame!

Screenshots at bottom!

Classes: Each class has its own disadvantages/advantages. Each class has customized armor, health, and weapon damage. Also each class has its own variety of SPELLS!

The warrior is just your basic melee class, a warrior uses a diamond sword that does decent damage and uses Diamond Armor and has a lot of health. A warrior has little spells. Spells list: shield, invuln, charge, and jump.

The archer is a basic bowman class, does increased damage with a bow but decreased with a sword. An archer has average health but only leather armor with a iron chestplate. An archer's spells are: sneak, root, superjump, arrowstorm, icearrow, firearrow, and poisonarrow.

An assassin is a interesting class, they focus on massive melee damage and OK damage with a bow. They have spells that focus on things like long bursts of speed and instant damage. They have very little health and use leather armor their spells are: sneak, backstab, superjump, poison, smoke, one(speed boost), assassin's blade, and safefall.

A mage has a ironsword and rely on spells/skills to defend him/herself. A mage has decent armor though, a mix of iron and leather. Spells a mage has: harmtouch, piggify, curse, icebolt, bolt, safefall, pray, superjump, one(speed boost), slow, root, fireball, blink, and web.

Beserker is another... interesting class. A beserker has extremly high damage with its diamond axe(more than a diamond sword in this case), but has little health along with iron armor. A beserker is the closest thing we have to a suicidal class. His/her spells/skills are: invuln, charge, superjump, and one(speed boost).

Once again another odd class, a monk uses his fists to attack with along with a variety of spells. But his fists do high damage don't worry. He has regular health and full leather armor except the helm because he is cool like that. His spells/skills include: jump, one(speed boost), invuln, safefall, pray, slow, might, meditate, dodge, and falconpunch.

Soon to come classes(feel free to suggest new class ideas):

Will have really cool spells like airstrike and explosive arrow.

Will have awesome spells like transform into a wolf with extra attack damage for a short time, teleport 15 block away from and enemy your tracking, and more.

Mix between mage and warrior

Tier 2 warrior

Tier 2 warrior

Some screenshots of the current PvP arena, more arenas will be built to meet the needs of players bloodlusts Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Some screenshots of a few BETA testers playing the mobarena!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Additional Notes

Choose a class that fits you each with its own spells, health, weapon server, and armor! PvP or play minigames with your class!

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