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Happy New Year's!! 2014 >> 2015

Happy New Year's!! 2014 >> 2015 Minecraft Skin
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avatar akeiji
Level 43 : Master Procrastinator
Sorry it's only for 1.8, but since 1.8 came out just this year, I thought, "Why not?"

Anyway, I know I'm still a new person to PMC, but within these months, I'm just gonna say 250+ downloads are more than what I could've hoped for. 12 subs are also more than what I thought. My YT channel = fail. Twitter = fail. Google+ = Fail. FB = Not mentioned to publlic YET.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with what I've got currently, but my next milestone is 300 downloads. 100 at a time isn't as much pressure, in my opinion. Anyway, thanks everyone, and, well, i dunno what to say.

Make the most of the next 2 days. Watch the ball drop. Make a New Year's Resolution. Whatever you do, have fun, be creative, innovative, and finish off 2014 with a bang.

Here's this skin just for you guys. It's not the best and I'm certain you can find better skins anywhere. But as long as some of you are happy with it, I'm perfectly OK.

Have a stupendous, wonderful, exciting, extraordinary, amazing, great, epic, happy, joyful, cheerful, fun, crazily amazing, etc. etc. New Year!

12/30/2014 10:12 am
Level 26 : Expert Warrior
Happeh 2015 Lisa! \o wo/
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