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• σ∂∂ σттεя • Chibi Panda Boy Onesie~!

• σ∂∂ σттεя • Chibi Panda Boy Onesie~! Minecraft Skin
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avatar OddOtter
Level 34 : Artisan Sweetheart
A quick chibi panda boy onesie. I've been emotionally hiding a lot of KO - punches of emotions from getting to me, but my best friend I've finally got close to again is moving because a case that's based off of when a man/boy does lewd things to a woman/girl who didn't give consent to them to do it, going against her words basically.
They're moving states.
That'd make her the 4th best friend in my life who'se moved states away.
For either economy reasons {Parents need jobs} or horrible, unjestified reasons. {Rape, harrasment, family problems, etc.}

I guess I'll be posting chibi's or skins betraying my emotional state as of current.

If you actually wanted to read my stupid life problem as of now, comment, or, if you actually feel as if trying to give me a shoulder to lean on, please by all means use the PM's. - 

Your's truely, and always here, 
     - • σ∂∂ σттεя •
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