◊§ωîƭƗ◊ Alexis the Ringmistress (59th Place) (Featured on the MMS) Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Circus Characters Skin Contest.

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◊§ωîƭƗ◊ Alexis the Ringmistress (59th Place) (Featured on the MMS)

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Averli avatar Averli
Level 44 : Master Theorist
Hello everyone! I decided to make my circus skin be that of a ringmistress (as is called a lady ringmaster).

"The ringmistress is among the most important, since she stage-manages the performance, introduces the various acts, and guides the audience through the entertainment experience."

I hope you like the skin and the story. c:

I don't usually say anything about diamonds, but please diamond if you like it and I may get in the finals at least! =D I don't expect to win, there are other more creative skins that deserve to win. I just entered for the proverbial "lolz." p.o

Sooooo, here's my small-ish story, about how Alexis became a ringmistress. Enjoy, and excuse the cheesy "poem" at the end. x)

(Sorry if the dialogue is hard to follow, I'm a nub at stories...)
(I also tried to make it be lined up against the left side, but it didn't work. >.< #BlameParil)

Alexis the Ringmistress
Alexis looked up at the tightrope, stretched from one platform to another, 8 feet above the ground. She was afraid of heights, she had tried, but she couldn't do this act.

17-year-old Alexis Summers had went to the local circus with her mom to find an act she could do. She had loved the circus when she was younger and had always wanted to be a tightrope walker. She had daydreamed of wearing frilly dresses and walking many feet above the massive crowd clapping for her, twirling an umbrella or cane or perhaps juggling items. But she was afraid of heights. She wanted to find some act she could do at the circus, even if she couldn't walk a tightrope.

She and her mom, Mrs. Summers, followed Mr. Hanson, the circus manager, to a tent that served as his office to talk with him about Alexis' desire to have a circus part.
"I'm sorry the tightrope act didn't work out for you Alexis," Mr. Hanson said consolingly, seeing how disappointed the girl was. "Why don't you come around tomorrow night to watch the performances? Perhaps you will find an act that appeals to you."
Alexis sat lost in thought, looking at the posters of many performers doing dare-devil acts, the fire-swallower, highwire walkers, and lion-tamers. She turned to look at the circus manager,
"Thanks Mr. Hanson," She replied, "I may find an act I'd like." She smiled, "What time should I arrive?"
Mr. Hanson took a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to Alexis.
"This should have the approximate time of the performances, and the time at which the show is expected to start. Also, " He took two tickets from his pocket," Here are tickets to tomorrow night's performances."
"Thanks!" Alexis took the paper and tickets. She scanned over the times on the paper. Every one was after 6. "Good," She thought, "I can get some dinner at home and then head over to watch the performances."
"We'd better be going," Mrs. Summers told Mr. Hanson, as she stood. "Thank you for helping Alexis," She smiled.
Mr. Hanson got up from his desk and walked around it to shake Mrs. Summers hand. "My pleasure ladies. I hope you find an act you like tomorrow night Alexis."
Alexis stood and put the paper in her purse. "Thanks Mr. Hanson, I hope so too."

Alexis felt excited as she stepped out of the car at the circus the next night. She heard the sound of many people talking at once and children giggling with delight, with a hearty adult laugh now and then. She stood outside the car, waiting for her mother to join her. There was carousel-sounding music coming from the colorful tents. The mouth-watering smell of popcorn floated through the air.

"I hope I find an act," She thought, "There are so many, surely I can find one I like..." She became lost in her thoughts as she imagined herself as a ballerina, twirling and leaping gracefully through the air to a rousing circus melody.

"Come along Alexis,"
Mrs. Summers startled Alexis out of her reverie.
"Sorry Mom, I'm coming." She smiled, "May we get some popcorn?"
"Of course! Let's do that now."

They strolled to the popcorn vendor, which was just outside a large red and white stripped tent. They bought some popcorn and walked to the large tent. They presented the tickets to a man at the door and went inside.
There were trapezes and highwires far above them and bright streamers hanging everywhere. Many lights all colors of the rainbow were about the tent. The stands were full of people, the buzz of conversation was almost deafening. The smell of hot, buttered popcorn filled the tent.
However, the circus wasn't underway yet, Mr. Hanson was in a connecting tent and spotted Alexis and her mother. He motioned for them to come inside. They hurried to see what he wanted.

He spoke as soon as they were inside, "Good evening Alexis, Mrs. Summers. I'm afraid the circus is delayed, for Jon, the ringmaster, has yet to arrive. He doesn't seem to like the job..." He looked worried. "People will soon leave if it doesn't begin soon."
"Oh my, how dreadful!," Mrs. Summers exclaimed.
"Alexis, " Mr. Hanson turned to her, "Have you any experience with being a ringmistress?"
"Well, " She said slowly, "I've had some experience at the job, I was ringmistress in another, smaller circus not long ago, they told me I was good at it." Alexis admitted.
"Would you want to try the job?" He asked eagerly, "I'm sure you would be good at it, and if you do, you may have it, I'll settle everything with Jon later. This is also the last night here, we'll be moving to another city soon."
Alexis' heart thumped loudly, "Well, I suppose I can try, it does sound pretty fun, and after all, it's sort of an emergency." She smiled.
"Thank you Alexis, " He said gratefully, "I am sure you will do just fine! Come, I will have Lily give you the ringmistresses costume. Have a seat in the stands Mrs. Summers."
"Okay, " She smiled at Alexis, "You'll do fine dear, see you afterwards!" She waved at Mr. Hanson and her daughter and made her way to her seat in the larger tent.
"Bye Mom!"

Alexis was excited and scared at the same time. She followed Mr. Hanson into the dressing room where he introduced Lily Tyndale, the makeup artist.

"Hello!" A girl with a British accent greeted them.
"Hi!" Alexis greeted Lily. "I'm Alexis Summers, the temporary ringmistress." She laughed. "It's nice to meet you!" She reached out to shake Lily's hand.
Lily grinned and shook her hand. "My pleasure, love! I'm sure you'll be perfect!"

Mr. Hanson explained that Alexis was to be the ringmistress that night since Jon was absent. He gave Alexis a piece of paper with the performance announcements on it.
"Here are the performance announcements you'll be reading to the crowd Alexis," He said quickly. "And you'll be great, don't worry!" He gave her a reassuring smile, then hurried from the room to tell the waiting crowd the circus would begin shortly.

Lily and Alexis watched him leave.
The make-up artist turned to the soon-to-be ringmistress, "I know you'll do amazing!" Here is the costume, go into that small tent there and put it on. I'll fix your hair and make-up afterwards."
Alexis smiled excitedly, "Thank you!" She took the red, white, and black ringmistresses costume and walked to the small tent to change. She stepped out minutes later wearing the costume. She smiled, "I like it!"
Lily grinned as she looked her up and down, "It's amazing on you!" She hugged the girl. "Here, now I'll do your make-up. Sit down here please."
Alexis sat down in front of a mirror and various make-up supplies. Lily put some light make-up on her and then curled her hair. She then took a black top hat and placed on Alexis' head, pinning it on with a small hat pin.
She then gave Alexis a pair of shiny, high-top, heeled black boots. "Here are your boots."
Alexis took them and the make-up artist assisted her in putting them on. Lily then handed her a small riding crop. Alexis took it and Lily motioned to a large, full-body mirror as she said, "Have a look at yourself! You're stunning!"
Alexis peered back at the beautiful ringmistress in the mirror.
"Wow... I do look pretty amazing!" She laughed. "I love the costume too! Thank you so much for helping me!"
Lily smiled, "You're very much welcome! And I'm glad you like the costume! You know-" She began, then she glanced at a clock resting on a small table and gasped. "Oh my, it's time for you to go out there."
Alexis' heart began to race and she got butterflies in her stomach. "Oh my word!Ohmyworddd...! Can I do this?! I'm so nervous! I shouldn't hav-"
"Don't worry love, I know you'll be just grand!" Lily said soothingly, seeing how how nervous she was. Alexis smiled at her, relieved by Lily's vote of confidence. Lily hugged Alexis, and gave her one last inspection to make sure everything was in place. "Get out there and show them how it's done!" Lily winked and gave her a thumbs up.
Alexis' smiled at Lily. "Thanks a million, Lil!" She waved goodbye to her and gripped the paper of announcements Mr. Hanson had given her as she stepped to the door of the tent that led to the main one. She walked into it and went back stage. Mr. Hanson gave her a reassuring smile, "You look perfect! Go on, they're waiting!"

Alexis smiled at Mr. Hanson and took a deep breath, then walked out onto the stage, under the bright lights...

The crowd became quiet as she walked on-stage. She cleared her throat and began...

"Greetings ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, and welcome, to the greatest show on earth!"

The crowd cheered and lively music began playing.
"The first amazing act you will be viewing tonight is Mikael Trenson with his spectacular chair balancing act."
The crowd cheered once more. Alexis bowed and walked to the side of the stage.

Mikael walked onto the stage and bowed, then began his act.

"Thank you, one and all for attending, we wish you a good night and a pleasant year!
Til once again,
we all meet,
beneath the red and white tent,
the lions will practice,
the clowns will re-enact it,
for your pleasure next year,
but for now, you all!- *Cheer(s)*" *Some in the crowd say "cheer."*

Alexis bowed and left the stage as the crowd kept cheering and clapping. She smiled to herself and thought happily, "I think I like this job..."
CreditWikipedia for information about ringmasters/ringmistresses. And many reference pictures for ideas on how ringmistresses' outfits look.

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10/17/2014 1:13 pm
Level 26 : Expert Cowboy
sidtom avatar
Hey! Swift you got on the minecraft monday show! Skip to 6 minutes
10/17/2014 3:13 pm
Level 44 : Master Theorist
Averli avatar
.o. Cool, thanks! ^0^
10/17/2014 3:14 pm
Level 26 : Expert Cowboy
sidtom avatar
Huehuehue :D
10/15/2014 10:15 pm
Level 49 : Master Wolf
ChileanMiner5 avatar
Looks great.
While I do think that the new Alex model is generally awesome for making females, I do think that the Steve model would have been better here, soley due to the thickness of the coat. Still looks fantastic, though.
10/15/2014 11:03 pm
Level 44 : Master Theorist
Averli avatar
Thanks! c:

And yeah, true. Oh well. cx
10/16/2014 12:52 am
Level 49 : Master Wolf
ChileanMiner5 avatar
You're welcome! ;)
10/07/2014 2:23 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Dragonborn
iedfisjifjwseizjfuse avatar
Awesome! Also, this got on BebopVox's Minecraft Monday Show! Link: http://youtu.be/7CaOtNIhk8Q?t=6m5s
10/07/2014 2:45 pm
Level 44 : Master Theorist
Averli avatar
Thanks! And .O. Wow, neat! =D
10/03/2014 6:55 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
minesquirrel12 avatar
Whoa! You rocked the Alex skin! You will most definitely make it to the finals, Swift. =)
10/03/2014 2:53 pm
Level 44 : Master Theorist
Averli avatar
I hope! :D Thanks! ^-^
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