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103 MRSOG (Soldiers of The Damned)

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Gooders009 avatar Gooders009
Level 46 : Master Artist
"When I encountered them, they were...inhuman what they did... haunts me"

Soldiers of the Damned, formerly known as the 103 MRSOG (Multi Role Special Operations Group) were the best soldiers to serve under the United States Government. Led by John Cormack, this group of soldiers have been marked for treason forces during the Gobi Campaign of 2016/2017.

103 MRSOG's Infomation up to present day:

August 1990: The 103 MRSOG is formed and see's its first operation during the Gulf War.

July 1995: John Cormack Joins the 103 MRSOG after two years in the Navy Seals.

2001: 9/11 attacks, the War on Terror begins.

2005: 103 MRSOG deploys into Hellmand Province working with the British SAS.

August 2005: John Cormack earns himself the Medal of Honour after dragging a fellow squad mate half a mile to safety during a firefight.

2006-2007: 103 MRSOG conducts multiple raids and operations in Hellmand Province before being redirected to Iraq.

2007: A new thread rises as a terrorist group known as the 'Free Will' threatens the United States with biological weapons of mass destruction.

April-June 2007: The 103 MRSOG led by John Cormack hunts down three key suppliers of the Free Will's Bio weapons in Iraq.

November 2007: All of the Free Will's Bio weapons are secured by the US military.

January 2008: The location to Free Will's main base of operations is located and the 103 MRSOG are sent in. Operation ends in complete success and Free Will is no longer a threat.

2008-2016: 103 MRSOG goes under the radar.

February 2016: Five Bombs explode in Hong Kong killing 5000 people, the Terrorist group The Peoples Freedom Fighter Army reveals itself and takes claim for the Bombing.

May 2016: Reports of the Peoples Freedom Fighter Army say that they have a foothold in the Gobi Desert. The Chinese government requests an alliance to help fight off the Peoples Freedom Fighter Army.

June 2016: After a month of talks the American, Chinese alliance is formed and the Gobi Desert Campaign begins.

August 2016: 103 MRSOC is put back online and is sent out to Fire Base Bush in the Gobi Desert.

December 2016: A main stronghold used by the Peoples Freedom Fighter Army is located in the Gobi mountains. 103 MRSOG are sent in. The mission goes wrong after their chopper is is shot down by P.F.F.A forces. The P.F.F.A sends a hundred men to the crash site. Cormack calls for extraction but command denies because of the risk and 103 MRSOC is presumed dead.

December 2016: A Peoples Freedom Fighter Army officer is found wandering through the desert in shock by a US military patrol. The man speaks of a super natural event that happened the night 103 MRSOC were assumed to have been wiped out, he watched as 100 of his men were picked off one by one by the men they were sent to kill, by the end of the night he was the only one left. When he saw them up close they were bleeding, there clothes ripped there vest with no patch or flag to represent who they were or where they came from.

January 2017: A Navy Seal team is sent to find the 103 MRSOC in the mountain range, none of them returned. A week later one of the Seal's bodies was discovered horribly mangled and broken.

February 2017: The bodies of the PFFA soldiers and Navy Seals are discovered by the crash site, none of them had gun shot wounds. On one of the Seals body written in chalk was the words, “We are the Soldiers of the Damned”.

March-July 2017: The Gobi Campaign begins to come to a close as PFFA forces begin to retreat into the Gobi mountain range.

June 2017: Chinese, US and PFFA forces begin to mysteriously disappear and reappear dead and horribly mangled. A broadcast from John Cormack is discovered and it is found out that he and his man have gone rogue and have renamed themselves to the Soldiers of the Damned and are responsible for the killings of the Navy Seal team.

August 2017: With the Gobi campaign finally ending the US focuses all its intentions on finding Cormack and team who are now known as The Soldiers of the Damned and bring them to justice.


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Update #1 : by Gooders009 05/06/2019 1:16:15 pmMay 6th, 2019

Updated back of the vest and and the face

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05/12/2015 8:19 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
keizen avatar
Very nice skin for a min there I was like MRSOG or MARSOC :P
04/22/2015 3:01 am
Level 45 : Master Pixel Puncher
Splintercat avatar
Excellent backstory.
04/17/2015 8:58 am
Level 46 : Master Geek
Max Blammo
Max Blammo avatar
Nice skin, and excellent Journal/timeline entry. Good luck in the contest!
04/15/2015 6:54 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Artist
Totenkopf avatar
Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
04/15/2015 6:51 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Biscuitboss avatar
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