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2121 : I am a boy [CE]

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Mentions of shooting, death, abuse, etc. Please leave if you’re uncomfortable with reading about it.

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The skin is created to appear chaotic in a way.
First, I want to share that I am not against LGBTQ nor do I believe that being gay will cause others to be gay, something along those lines. Though, at this rate, I do believe that parents, families, etc, will start to place certain “LGBTQ” roles on their child such as being transgender.

In this skin, it is shown that the boy is shirtless, and wearing a blue skirt. The blue , as it is usually the colour for men, is to show that the character is a boy. The skirt is the forced crossdressing by his parents, and the fact that he is shirtless is to show that yes, he is a boy and wants everyone to be aware of that.
There’s a bad attempt at shading his ribs, as if they’re poking out from malnourishment and abuse.
On the back, there is a strange looking bullet hole (I messed up) Today, people are just buying guns despite not knowing how to use them and I think it will continue to the future. School shootings won’t stop either, think of the Sandyhook shooting. The shooter didn’t show mercy even on the children.
That goes onto to the hair, I wanted to create a more ‘innocent’ face, that of a child. The eyes are completely grey/blind, the character is unaware of the true dangers of what is happening. He’s blind to it.
Those red markings are to resemble the Celtic Wars’ paint which was actually blue but we chose red for a reason. Red can symbolise love, what the mother is trying to show to cover up her abuse. Red can also mean chaos (according to some website) and in certain religions including mine, death and shouldn’t be worn during a time of mourning.

For the Celtic War part, what if children were again forced to participate in wars. There may be more terrorist attacks, as the US gets better technology and monitors signs of attacks, terrorists are also growing rapidly. Domestic terrorism is a problem too, with the whole Donald Trump situation.

But yeah, I might have missed some parts, here’s my entry to the contest. (I re-explained it so if you’re confused by the different description, here’s the reason)

01/29/2021 2:49 pm
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Chaotic Stupid
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Yeah that's accurate. Some kids are being forced to do drag whr1n they're like 5.
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