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A Tribute to Technoblade

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thesnowyvillager avatar thesnowyvillager
Level 22 : Expert Pixel Painter
Technoblade. The famous Minecraft YouTuber with more than 10 million subscribers...
He has.. sadly passed away. A few days ago, stage four cancer took his life away.

Such a young and jovial man, dead at just 23 years old. It's truly saddening.

I was in no way acquainted or associated with Techno at all, but I watched his videos once in a while, and...
He's a very good YouTuber. Funny, kind, and good at Minecraft.

Now, he has left this earth.

But he left behind a message for all his fans and viewers. You can watch the video containing the message by clicking here.

I give my sincere condolences to Techno's (his real name is Alex) family and I wish them well.

Techno also has a merch shop, now run by his family members. Do go support them by clicking here. Buy a shirt, buy a hoodie, just buy something if you can.

Some of the proceeds from the merch shop will also go to funding cancer research and ways to find cures for cancer, so all the more reason you should buy something.
Anyways, that's all from me.
May Alex rest in a place where there is no pain, no suffering, just paradise.


CreditMade by thesnowyvillager

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